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Reddit user Lapsed__Pacifist spent a tour in Hawijah in Iraq in 2008, in a heavily agricultural area. One day, he got sent to examine a crop-processing plant. .... After the camp cook forgot to wash his hands, MisterKillam and the rest of the platoon all got sick. Since they could not get rid of him, MisterKillam ...
Eli Cook picked up the guitar one fortuitous summer when his older brother went to baseball camp. Cook's brother had been taking lessons and left an electric guitar—which actually belonged to their older sister—behind in Nelson County. “It seemed cool,” says Cook of the idea of playing guitar. He picked ...

If soldiers everywhere adopted the New Zealand military culture, I feel very confident we would not see just horrible and dishonourable activities like the torture and prisoner abuse case that occurred at Abu Ghraib, when a relatively small group of US soldiers turned despicable in Iraq. Our soldiers are not ...
Lovely weather we're having! Seriously, if you're feeling like this spring has been little more than a dank grey off-ramp from a miserably frigid winter, you can always take shelter in one of the fine books coming out now. Here are just a few of the many options.
The RTI as a whole already exists, he said, with noncommissioned officers training taking place at Camp Cook in Ball. “It will eventually be moved up here and it increases the full-time ... “If the president needs us to go to Iraq, we deploy. We train to protect the citizens of Louisiana at times of hazards or a ...

Its statement said: “The death occurred in Taji, Iraq, following an incident that is currently under investigation, but we can confirm that it was not as a ... is a town close to Baghdad where the British army has a training and advisory operation: Camp Taji is a coalition forces base also known as Camp Cooke.
He attended basic training in Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri and Camp Cook in California. From there he was sent to Japan for 6-8 months. Then in ... Josh Hughley is a 38-year-old Isle veteran who served in the National Guard during the Iraq War. Motivated by a family history of service, he joined in 1997 ...

The place is dominated by a huge military base – Camp Taji or Camp Cooke to the Americans. The New Zealand enclave, likely to be lost in the ... TRAINED: Iraqi Army Soldiers listen to a speech during a graduation ceremony earlier this month at Camp Taji, Iraq. More than 1400 members of the 72nd IA ...
Brown is the only one chosen for his heroism and service during the Iraq war. He has ... “Brown was on patrol with (Magnolia-based) 5th Platoon, Delta Company, 3rd Battalion of Arkansas' 39th Infantry Brigade when the platoon was hit by a coordinated ambush due east of Camp Cooke, north of Baghdad.
Iraqi troops scored a blow against al Qaeda in Iraq's network during a series of operations in the Tarmiyah region. Iraqi soldiers, backed by the local Sons of Iraq and US troops, killed Abu Ghazwan, a senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader, during a shootout. Ghazwan was killed after the joint forces were sweeping ...
While the exact number of TCNs working in Iraq is uncertain, a rough estimate can be gleaned from Halliburton 's own numbers, which indicate that TCNs make up 35,000 of KBR's 48,000 workers in Iraq employed under .... In May 2005, 300 Filipinos went on strike at Camp Cook against PPI and KBR.
John Pike, a military analyst who runs the research group, has identified a dozen of these bases, including three large facilities in and around Baghdad: the Green Zone, Camp Victory North, and Camp al-Rasheed, the site of Iraq's former military airport. Also listed are Camp Cook, just north of Baghdad, ...


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