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updated Thu. February 17, 2022

Although reports submitted to the Okayama Prefectural Assembly Secretariat are not disclosed to the public, the Mainichi Shimbun made use of a freedom-of-information request to view and analyze reports stored by the secretariat on tours from 2014 onward. The analysis revealed that of all the assembly ...
Jiji Press OKAYAMA (Jiji Press) — A lawmaker of the major opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan sued the central government on Monday over its failure to quickly meet a request to convene an extraordinary session of the Diet last year. Takashi Takai, a member of the House of ...

The Okayama branch of Hiroshima High Court ruled Thursday that the House of Representatives election in October last year was constitutional in terms of vote-value disparities. With the ruling the court turned down a petition by a group of lawyers seeking to invalidate the results of the Oct. 22 election for ...
OKAYAMA--An Okayama prefectural government film that mixes zombies with the charms of the prefecture won an award at one of the largest festivals in Asia dedicated to short films. “The Land of Sunshine” took the Tabimoja Award at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. The prize is awarded to works of ...
When he came to Yale from Japan in 2010, Kenta Koga '14 had never heard of summer camp. Hearing his friends talk about their experiences there, he was confused but intrigued. In 2011, he decided to open Gakko, his own summer camp in Okayama, Japan. As he watched his project grow — and its ...
For women, Nagano ranked top for the second time in row, followed by Okayama at 87.67 years, only 0.002 below the average number of years for Nagano. Shimane was third at 87.64 years, Shiga came fourth at 87.57 years and Fukui ranked fifth at 87.54 years. Aomori came last for the ninth consecutive ...

A maintenance crew boarded the train at Okayama station in western Japan. They reported an "abnormal motor sound", but judged it would not affect train operations and decided to continue the service. The burning odour was detected again at 4.20pm as the train neared Kyoto and it was pulled from ...
As for women, Nagano achieved the highest life expectancy for the second time in a row at 87.675 years, up from 87.18 years in the previous survey. Okayama ranked second at 87.673 years, up from 86.93, followed by Shimane at 87.64 years, up from 87.07 years. Nagano edged Okayama by only 0.002 of ...
Although maintenance crew boarded the shinkansen at Okayama Station and heard an abnormal motor sound, JR West judged it would not affect the operation of the train and continued the run. However, as the bullet train left Kyoto Station an abnormal smell was detected again and JR West checked ...
Maintenance workers brought in at Okayama Station to investigate heard abnormal sounds like a motor groaning in the third and fourth cars from the front of the 16-car train, but concluded they were not symptomatic of a deeper problem that would hinder running of the train. Next, a conductor noticed ...
The veterinary school in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture -- attached to Kake's Okayama University of Science -- is scheduled to open in April 2018. It solicited public recommendation applications from Nov. 22 to Dec. 9, charging 35,000 yen in fees for each application. As of 3 p.m. on Dec. 10, the school had ...
SETOUCHI, Okayama Prefecture--The blade of an extremely long 2.3-meter “naginata” spear dating to the Muromachi Period (1338-1573) is to be polished to restore its former glory. The public is being asked to contribute about 1.3 million yen ($11,500) for the refurbishment by the end of the year.
Researchers at Okayama University describe in Oncotarget an approach for suppressing the expression of the SOX2 protein, an oncogene associated with both lung and esophageal cancer. The procedure, based on the targeted delivery of a specially designed artificial protein, may signify an important ...
Imagine you're standing on the side of the dusty Sanyo Road during Japan's Edo Period (1603-1868). You're part of a growing crowd of townspeople anticipating the approach of a daimyo feudal lord from the surrounding regions of Shikoku and Chugoku. The lord and his cavalcade of vassals, fief officials, ...
When Mayor Todd Barton was in Okayama, Japan he met with Hiruta Kogyo LTD officials, which is the parent company of Heritage Products.
Takehisa Yumeji's painting "A nude woman in the West Coast" is seen at the Yumeji Art Museum in Okayama in this recent photo. (Mainichi).
... to launch a veterinary medicine department at Okayama University of Science in a special deregulation zone in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture.

OKAYAMA--Popular artist Yumeji Takehisa initially painted a cloth over the private parts of a Western model in a nude artwork, an X-ray ...
Go-sama is moved to Ryosanji temple in Misaki, Okayama Prefecture, where he runs around in a ritual to chants of “gyatei gyatei” on Aug. 15.
Three officials of Kake Educational Institution explained the progress of its plan to open the veterinary faculty of Okayama University of Science ...
The company, based in Osaka, launched 16 items, including Shine Muscat grapes grown in Okayama Prefecture and Crown Melon produced ...
The researchers at Okayama University mapped out all the possible ice phases that might still be left to explore in the negative pressure region.
The researchers at Okayama University mapped out all the possible ice phases that might still be left to explore in the negative pressure region.
In 1952, Atsuko Ikeda, the fourth daughter of Emperor Showa, now 86, married Takamasa Ikeda, a rancher in Okayama Prefecture.
This June 16, 2006 file photo shows one of Yoshiko Hori's realistic ball-jointed doll creations at an exhibition in Okayama Prefecture. (Mainichi).
Okayama Prefecture Office's Policy Bureau PR Division today opened the official website for its new short anime project "Kibidango.
In Shimane and Okayama prefectures, some local governments had difficulties involving transmissions of unreadable emails with garbled texts ...
In Shimane and Okayama, characters in alert emails the prefectural government sent to registered residents were corrupted and unreadable.
The city of Okayama in western Japan also collaborates with local financial institutions to boost the number of tourists through the wider use of ...
The drill took place in those four prefectures plus Tottori, Okayama, Yamaguchi, Tokushima and Kagawa. In the event North Korea launches a ...
The giant tortoise that went missing from a zoo in Okayama Prefecture has been found in the bushes, 140 meters from where she escaped.
SETOUCHI, Okayama Prefecture--Not for the faint of heart, a special exhibition of ghost and monster effigies being held at a museum here is a ...
1, the 55-kilogram, 1-meter-long female tortoise was discovered in woods near the Shibukawa Animal Park in Okayama Prefecture. The father ...
TAMANO, Okayama Prefecture--A female Aldabra giant tortoise named “Abu,” missing for two weeks, was found by a family at a forest near ...
55-kg giant tortoise goes missing from Okayama zoo ... main entrance of Shibukawa Animal Park in Okayama Prefecture on Tuesday morning, ...
PINT-sized libero Dawn Macandili stood tall among the national team after she impressed Okayama Seagulls coach Akiyoshi Kawamoto in the ...
Researchers at Okayama University describe in Scientific Reports that cancer-associated fibroblasts — cells that play a key role in cancer ...
Tactile paving - the yellow stripes and dots you will have noticed at train stations and traffic lights - was invented by Seiichi Miyake and was introduced in Okayama, Japan in 1967. Thirty years later, after lobbying from blind advocacy groups, NZTA ...
Berikut ini adalah preview dan prediksi pertandingan Japan: J-League Division 2, antara Kusatsu VS Okayama yang akan berlangsung pada hari Minggu, tanggal 26 Maret 2017 pukul 12:00 WIB.
The Okayama-based transportation and distribution company hopes to boost travel demand by linking the cruise ship service to Seven Stars operated by Kyushu Railway Co.
"With the help of my teammates, I fiercely racked my brains to write and polish the text," says the player, Shinsuke Noyama, 22, who was the captain of the baseball team of Soshi Gakuen High School in Okayama Prefecture. He thought three words had to ...
Mikiya Nakatsuka, a professor at the Graduate School of Health Sciences, Okayama University and the head of the Japanese Society of Gender Identity Disorder, said, "It is important to share the number of patients as it could lead to deeper ...
Prefektur di Jepang ini memakai tanda unik untuk memberi kemudahan bagi muslim. Tempat makanan halal ditandai dengan logo buah peach.
Okayama yang berada di sebelah barat Pulau Honshu, Jepang ini tak kalah menarik dengan kota-kota terkenal lainnya. Menawarkan berbagai macam destinasi wisata menyenangkan, Kota Okayama sudah mulai dikunjungi turis asing, termasuk para turis ...
Hironori Okayama is the Producer of FLAME VS BLAZE, an upcoming mobile MOBA coming to the U.S. later this year. Team up in fast-paced three-on-three PvP battles as you fight to destroy the other team's reactor before they destroy yours.
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, OKAYAMA -- Wisatawan Muslim di Okayama tidak akan sulit lagi mencari fasilitas untuk memenuhi kebutuhan khusus mereka.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was questioned in the Diet on March 13 over personal connections to the chairman of Okayama-based Kake Educational Institution ...
OKAYAMA--If Muslims here look for the Peach Mark logo, they can find facilities that cater for their special needs. The logo enables Muslim tourists to identify eateries that provide food that doesn't contain pork and menus in English, as well as ...
There are many foreign visitors in group tours who have no other choice but to stay as far away as in Mie or Okayama prefectures, when visiting the ancient capital of Japan, according to Mieno.
Once again presenting a premium pack of sneakers constructed with Japanese denim, ASICS drops a duo of the GEL-Sight for both men and women this spring.


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