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updated Thu. December 30, 2021

SAPPORO--Forced sterilization under the old eugenics law extended to non-Japanese citizens living in Japan, according to records kept by Hokkaido prefectural authorities. ... Of those, the Hokkaido prefectural government has confirmed 2,593 cases, a higher number than in any of the nation's prefectures.
... Amami,” a series of videos that the Kagoshima prefectural government has uploaded to YouTube. The effort is intended to raise the profile of the subtropical chain lying between the main island of Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture, as Japan seeks to list two of the islands, Amami-Oshima and Tokunoshima, ...

According to the local defense bureau, the Ospreys left the airport around 5:50 p.m. One aircraft arrived at the Futenma base around 6:40 p.m., while the other landed at the Marines' Air Station Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture on Wednesday night. The U.S. Marines in Japan said in a statement that ...
Police took action to remove protesters at a coastal area in Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa, on Wednesday. The day marks one year after the start of full-scale landfill work to relocate a US marine base there. Crowds of activists held a sit-in protest outside the gate of US Camp Schwab in Nago City.
It is thought that the virus may have entered Japan via travelers coming from Taiwan. According to the Okinawa Prefectural Government, as of April 23 the number of cases there had risen to 70. A teenage boy returning to Aichi Prefecture from a trip to Okinawa was diagnosed with measles on April 11, and ...
Japanese animated film company Studio Ghibli has unveiled the basic design of its theme park set to open in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, in 2022. Aichi Governor Hideaki Ohmura revealed on Wednesday that the prefecture and the studio agreed to build Ghibli Park on the site of the 2005 Aichi Expo in ...

There are a total of four such facilities across Japan, including a farm at a prison in Abashiri in Hokkaido Prefecture, northern Japan. Following the incident, the Justice Ministry is considering a plan to utilize GPS to monitor inmates serving sentences in open prisons. But it is not easy to determine how much ...
According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), the temblor, which measured 4 on the Japanese seismic scale which peaks at 7, struck at a latitude ... The quake registered between 1 and 4 on the seismic scale in northeastern parts of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost prefecture, but the JMA has not ...
... a preliminary magnitude of 5.3 struck off the southeast coast of the Nemuro Peninsula in Hokkaido Prefecture, northern Japan, at 5:53 p.m. local time on Tuesday, the weather agency here said. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), the temblor, which measured 4 on the Japanese seismic ...
But as fun, as it seems that this prefecture really decides to grace Slowpoke with this generous new title, it's probably just a regular April Fools' Day joke, as the official Kagawa Prefectural Government website still has Keizo Hamada as its governor. And really who would ever seek out a big, silly bear-like ...
A Ground-Self Defense Force AH-64D attack helicopter crashed into a house in Kanzaki, Saga Prefecture, earlier this week, killing its two crew members, injuring a resident of the house, and setting it and ... Accidents and troubles involving U.S. military fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in Japan continues.
Shigeko Tanaka, 58, runs one of the more than 1,400 farmer's restaurants in Japan. Last autumn, she opened an outlet in ... Tanaka came up with menus based on a theme: Simple food that possesses the customs of Fukui Prefecture and satisfies the palates of Japanese people. In mid-December, Tanaka ...
As Japan gears up to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, the country's tourism industry has launched a campaign to highlight unique experiences in the ... The videos ranged from traditional temples and unique cuisine to diving in Okinawa, art installations in Kagawa Prefecture, "onsen" hot springs and ...
A part from a U.S. military Osprey transport aircraft was found drifting near an islet in Okinawa Prefecture on Friday, police and the Defense Ministry's local ... of accidents and emergency landings involving U.S. Marine Corps aircraft based in Okinawa, which hosts the bulk of U.S. military facilities in Japan.
Going forward, the prefectural government hopes to attract 12 million people to visit Okinawa, including those coming to Japan via cruise ships, ... that they will earn through tourism,” Toyama said, adding that all sectors in Okinawa should make a concerted effort to shape the prefecture into a tourist island.
Crime rings in Malaysia are thought to be behind a wave of fraud cases in Japan involving counterfeit credit cards. Malaysians use fake cards to purchase brand-name goods, which are apparently resold for a profit once the "buyer" returns home. In October, police arrested three Malaysians ranging in age ...
Roughly 260 cars remained stranded on a snowy Route 8 on the Sea of Japan coast Thursday morning, with many people already having spent two nights in their vehicles. The Ground ... The GSDF began removing snow that afternoon in response to a request for help by the Fukui Prefectural Government.

About 680 cars remained stranded on a snow-covered road Wednesday night in Fukui Prefecture in central Japan, with Ground Self-Defense Force personnel ... a man in his 40s, and at least 16 people were injured in Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui prefectures during such work, according to local firefighters.
Heavy snow blanketed much of the Sea of Japan coast on Tuesday, disrupting transportation and prompting authorities to request the dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces for disaster relief after about 1,000 vehicles were stranded. Due to a strong cold front and a low-pressure system, snow continued to fall ...
The Executive Yuan yesterday said it does not plan to lift a ban on food imports from five Japanese prefectures, one day after the Ministry of Health and ... of attempting to trade food safety for entry into the Japan-led Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).
The woman in Miyagi Prefecture, who has not disclosed her name, filed the first such suit over forced sterilizations in Japan at the Sendai District Court, ... The suit was filed after the woman's sister-in-law, who has lived with her for the past 40 years, asked the Miyagi Prefectural Government to disclose ...
The Chinese Y-9 surveillance aircraft approached from the west side of Tsushima island, entered the Japanese Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) and flew to the Sea of Japan off Shimane Prefecture, according to the ministry. It then returned through the strait before heading toward the East China Sea.
The announcement came a week after a member of Japan's Self-Defense Forces was killed when rocks from the sudden eruption of Mount Moto-Shirane rained down on skiers at a mountain resort in Gunma Prefecture. Video footage taken by people on the mountain showed black ash spewing into the sky ...
U.S. Marine Corps servicemen salute while Japanese and U.S. flags are lowered at the evening colors ceremony at Camp Foster, near Futenma air base in Ginowan, Okinawa prefecture, Japan, on November 14, 2014. Okinawa is home to more than half of the 47,000 U.S. service personnel stationed in the ...
MELBOURNE, Australia — Japan has deployed the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter to a Japanese base for the first time, with the arrival of ... in Japan's Aomori Prefecture on Friday, where it was welcomed in an arrival ceremony by representatives of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.
TAIPEI – Taiwan is planning to phase out restrictions imposed on food imports from five Japanese prefectures in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima ... it imposed on imports of certain Japanese food products after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster and that China has also proposed to Japan setting up a ...
The ministry will designate “succession coordinators” for the prefectural networks and “bloc coordinators” for regions in each prefecture, the sources said ... financial institutions, chambers of commerce, certified tax accountants and other entities, have been formed in 19 of the nation's 47 prefectures.
“We can't compete with Chinese firms if anyone is allowed to make Kumamon goods.” Other business operators said the prefectural government should “give preferential treatment to companies in the prefecture.” The adoption of the Kumamon design had been limited to Japanese companies, in principle.
Aum Shinrikyo guru Chizuo Matsumoto's life in prison remains a mystery even as the founder of Japan's notorious doomsday cult appears headed for the ... In November, the Hokkaido Prefectural Police raided Aleph facilities in Sapporo and Fukuoka and discovered a set of guidelines detailing how to ...
The search operation at the Kusatsu Kokusai Ski Resort in Gunma Prefecture was suspended Wednesday due to volcanic tremors. ... In September 2014, 63 people were killed on Mt. Ontake, on the border between Nagano and Gifu prefectures, in the the worst volcanic disaster in Japan in nearly 90 years.
Japanese families may, in the not distant future, no longer be able to continue their tradition of munching lots of mikan (tangerines) at family gatherings for a New Year's celebration because production of this popular citrus fruit is declining fast. In the Usami district of Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture, which used to ...
Tuesday's volcanic eruption near a ski resort in Gunma Prefecture, which left one dead and injured 11, is also impacting the local economy as visitors from Japan and overseas turn away from the popular travel destination. Northwestern Gunma Prefecture's Mount Moto-Shirane towers above the town of ...
24 (Xinhua) -- An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.2 struck off Aomori prefecture, northeastern Japan, at 7:51 p.m. local time (1051 GMT) ... The earthquake logged 4 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale which peaks at 7 in some areas of Aomori prefecture, Hokkaido prefecture and Iwate ...
The government is currently talking with 12 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture, where a number of residents were forced to evacuate following the ... The agency was set up in February 2012 to guide the reconstruction effort — particularly in severely damaged areas in the three Tohoku prefectures of ...
They can't exercise any oversight, there are no signs they will reform, and the Japanese government can't handle them,” Onaga told reporters in Naha on Wednesday after an AH-1 attack helicopter based at U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma made an emergency landing at Tonaki village Tuesday ...
The Yomiuri ShimbunMt. Kusatsushirane in Kusatsu, Gunma Prefecture, erupted at about 10:05 a.m. Tuesday, according to a call made to emergency authorities. The Japan Meteorological Agency also confirmed that an eruption of Mt. Kusatsushirane occurred. A rescue team arriving at the scene also ...
TOKYO, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Mount Kusatsu-Shirane in Gunma Prefecture, northwest of Tokyo, erupted on Tuesday morning, the weather agency said, triggering a nearby avalanche. Around 15 people were injured as a result of the eruption, local firefighters said, with four people caught up in the ...
A Japanese military helicopter has crashed in a built-up area of Kanzaki city in Saga, police told national broadcaster NHK, injuring two people on board the aircraft. Video from the scene showed black smoke rising from a house not far from a nursery school, with emergency services tackling the fire.
Jiji Press TSURU, Yamanashi (Jiji Press) — Bereaved family members and others mourned nine people who were killed in the 2012 Sasago Tunnel ceiling collapse at a memorial service in Tsuru, Yamanashi Prefecture, on Saturday. “I haven't heard the answer why you went to heaven, and this agonizes ...
The EU decision means that exporters of rice grown in Fukushima Prefecture and some seafood and related products from there and neighboring areas will not be required to present certificates to show that the items have been tested for radioactivity. With regard to rice from Japan, the final barrier to ...
He credits Ueki as his main inspiration, especially the way he incorporated ingredients, both Japanese and from other parts of Asia, that had never before ... stand-outs: carrot churros topped with uni (sea urchin); delicate “flowers” of crisp potato on savory sable cookies, with caviar from Kagawa Prefecture; ...
The simplest form of suicide for any enemy parachutist would be to attempt a landing on Japan, for the Dai Nippon Martial Arts Association and the Dai Nippon Physical Training Association will train every Japanese in the manly art of stabbing enemy paratroops with bamboo spears. Furthermore, the two ...
The Japanese coast guard on Thursday recovered one decrepit vessel drifting off the western coast of Matsumae town on the northern island of Hokkaido. ... On Monday, the partially decomposed bodies of eight men were discovered on a rickety wooden boat on the coast of Japan's Akita prefecture, which ...
Under the 1960 bilateral agreement, the U.S. justice system, instead of Japanese courts, has the primary right of jurisdiction over crimes committed by ... Onaga, who was elected governor of Okinawa in 2014, also reiterated to Kono his opposition to the plan of relocating Futenma base within the prefecture.
According to Japan's Meteorological Society, the prefecture gets the longest hours of sun exposure, the largest temperature difference between night and ... Thirty-five kilometers northwest from the winery, Suntory's Hakushu whisky distillery sits at the foothills of the Japanese Southern Alps surrounded by a ...
Pokemon GO fans generated approximately $16 million in travel and tourism revenue in Japan's Tottori Prefecture during a three-day Safari Zone event for the game. According to the Tottori regional government, over 89,000 people arrived during the event, held on November 24th-26th 2017, which is more ...
Although Japan's dog population eclipses that of cats, the country's dog ... Bonito from Makurazaki, in Kagoshima Prefecture, sardines from the ...
Canadian Solar starts construction on 12.9 MW in Japan ... assets is well-diversified across 18 prefectures throughout Japan,“ said Shawn Qu, ... To finance its Japanese projects, Canadian Solar secured a US$36 million credit ... financing for its 27.3 MWp solar power plant in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.
The Japanese government is expected to propose a plan to allow ... Foreign Minister Taro Kono, who is slated to visit the southern island prefecture this week, could unveil the proposal as soon as Friday, according to Japan's ...
An unidentified boat is pictured in Oga, Akita prefecture, northern Japan after being washed ashore. Japan is urging local authorities and ...


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