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updated Thu. May 6, 2021

Lora spent the spring semester of 2017 in two rural communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon. In La Mariscal in the Pastaza Province, Lora took courses with local partners and lived in a community of around 300 members. “At some time you just become a part of these people's lives, you have dinner with ...
Donne, molte, con i loro bambini, arrivate il 12 marzo dalla provincia di Pastaza e dal sudest del Paese, dove vivono molte popolazioni indigene, raccolte in una federazione Confeniae per tutelare i propri diritti e lottare per la propria autodeterminazione. Nella provincia ci sono settori che si raggiungono ...

Or worse, when Ecuadorian Minister of Mines Rebeca Illescas, in a clear act of defiance, bypassed Indigenous legitimate leaders and introduced a co-opted ... In Puyo, the capital of Pastaza –Ecuador's biggest Amazonian province–, Indigenous women from all over the Amazon region started off their own ...
Map courtesy of the Provincial Council of Pastaza. “It is official, the ordinance is already promulgated according to the current laws of Ecuador. Today, the existence of this area is a reality: an area of preservation and sustainable development,” said Antonio Kubes, an official of the province of Pastaza, ...
Ecuadorian province protects 90% of its land area ... The Pastaza Ecological Area of Sustainable Development aims to regulate the use of ... National Park in the north, one of Ecuador's most important conservation areas.
Elbia Santi es una integrante de la comunidad kichwa de la provincia de Pastaza. Fue una de las participantes de los Juegos Ancestrales y ...

The Pastaza Ecological Area of Sustainable Development aims to regulate the use of natural resources, conserve the tropical humid forest, and ...
On December 19, the Kichwa of Sarayaku in Pastaza province, who have publicly declared support for the Shuar and called for dialogue, intercepted eleven soldiers traveling unannounced through their ancestral territory, in order to investigate the ...
Members of the Kichwa group from Sarayaku in the Amazonian province of Pastaza in the country's northeast seized the soldiers last weekend as they traveled in a canoe along the Bobonaza River.
Its aim was to raise international awareness around the main challenges facing the Sapara and Kichwa communities of Ecuador - and specifically, their long-running resistance to the imminent entry of oil companies into their territories and their ...
A plane carrying Ecuadorian military personnel crashed Tuesday in the eastern Pastaza province, according to a statement from Ecuador's army. More · Argentina sinks Chinese vessel, cites illegal fishing · China Argentina boat. Argentina's coast guard ...
QUITO, ECUADOR (Reuters) - The first set of coffins carrying the bodies of soldiers whose military plane crashed into a mountainside in Pastaza province in the Amazon are returned to their families in Quito. All 22 on board were killed when the plane ...
QUITO (AFP) - An Ecuadoran army plane crashed in the Amazon rainforest Tuesday, killing all 22 people on board, President Rafael Correa said.
An Ecuadorian plane carrying army personnel has crashed in the Amazon rainforest in the country's Pastaza province. The army says 22 people were on board the training flight at the time of the crash. Ecuador's President Rafael Correa said in a tweet ...
Untitled Quito, March 16: A military aircraft crashed in the Ecuadorian province of Pastaza, killing all 22 soldiers on board, military sources said.
"So far, the death toll mounted to 65 civilians and 55 others injured when the Saudi-led fighter jets launched two airstrikes on Al-Khamees market in Mastaba district in Hajja province," a medical official said, updating a death toll which he ...
An army plane with 22 people on board has crashed in Ecuador's Amazon region, the BBC reports. "There are no survivors.

"There are no survivors," Correa wrote on Twitter, several minutes after first posting news of the crash. "This is a tragedy.
The plane went down in the eastern province of Pastaza, near the border with Peru. Defense Minister Ricardo Patino said he was on his way to the scene.
The accident happened on Tuesday afternoon when the army aircraft was on a training mission in Pastaza Province, but details about the type of aircraft involved were not immediately disclosed.
Saudi airstrikes on two districts in Yemen's Hajjah province have killed at least 107 civilians. Reports say medics aren't able to identify the victims due to severity of ... killed and four police officers have been injured in the operation. An ...
Some 22 Ecuadorean soldiers have been killed in a plane crash in the Amazon during military exercises, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa confirmed Tuesday.
(CNN) A plane carrying Ecuadorian military personnel crashed Tuesday in the eastern Pastaza province, according to a statement from Ecuador's army. Twenty-two people were on board the training flight. President Rafael Correa said in a tweet that all 22 ...
... oil deal that, they say, threatens the existence of the ancestral communities living in the province of Pastaza, located in the easternmost Amazon region of Ecuador, about 300 kilometers southeast of Quito. Late last month, the Ecuadorian ...
A Chinese-owned consortium has signed two contracts with the Ecuadorian government to explore two oil blocks in the southern province of Pastaza. The contracts with Andes Petroleum marked the start of oil exploration in Ecuador's southeastern region ...
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