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updated Fri. July 8, 2022

Lora spent the spring semester of 2017 in two rural communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon. In La Mariscal in the Pastaza Province, Lora took courses with local partners and lived in a community of around 300 members. “At some time you just become a part of these people's lives, you have dinner with ...

Donne, molte, con i loro bambini, arrivate il 12 marzo dalla provincia di Pastaza e dal sudest del Paese, dove vivono molte popolazioni indigene, raccolte in una federazione Confeniae per tutelare i propri diritti e lottare per la propria autodeterminazione. Nella provincia ci sono settori che si raggiungono ...
Or worse, when Ecuadorian Minister of Mines Rebeca Illescas, in a clear act of defiance, bypassed Indigenous legitimate leaders and introduced a co-opted ... In Puyo, the capital of Pastaza –Ecuador's biggest Amazonian province–, Indigenous women from all over the Amazon region started off their own ...
Map courtesy of the Provincial Council of Pastaza. “It is official, the ordinance is already promulgated according to the current laws of Ecuador. Today, the existence of this area is a reality: an area of preservation and sustainable development,” said Antonio Kubes, an official of the province of Pastaza, ...


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