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updated Sat. September 10, 2022

Those images will be on display at Miyako Yoshinaga in New York in her first solo show, “In the Mouth of the Mountain Jaguar Everybody Is a Dancing Hummingbird.” The magical realism reflected in the show's title refers to the region of El Bolivar province where she pursued her project in seven towns, ...
Based on this data, Eduardo Ledesma, the president of the Association of Exporters of Bananas of Ecuador (AEBE), estimated that Ecuador would have exported some 325 million boxes of bananas in 2017. Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian Banana Regional Corporation (Agroban), estimates that the country ...

The chairman of Yilport Holding has responded to accusations that port fees at Puerto Bolivar in Ecuador are being unfairly increased. After protests from banana producers, on November 27, representatives of the Ecuadorian province of El Oro requested that the public-private partnership between Yilport ...
This week, the Turkish company, Yilport Holdings, began operating the port of Puerto Bolivar Port Authority (APPB) in the province of El Oro. Since then, the concessionaire has announced a possible rate increase for the stowage of the banana boxes ...
Several regions in South Africa experienced severe flooding on Tuesday, February 21, from a low-pressure air system that formed after Tropical Storm Dineo.
... and captured 12 adult members of the left-wing rebel group the ELN in the north of the country. The major blow against Colombia's last standing guerrilla group took place in the northern province of Bolivar, an area of major importance for the ...

It all started in 1928, when a strike by agricultural workers against the United Fruit Company in the province of Magdalena was forcibly suppressed by the government.
Human-rights groups claim the Ecuadorean government has criminalized Trujillo and other local leaders for organizing against the dam as part of a larger pattern in which the administration of Rafael Correa has gone after over 100 community leaders and ...
Turkey's Yilport Holding has pledged to invest $750m in developing and modernizing the port of Puerto Bolivar in Ecuador as part of a deal it has signed for a 50-year concession at the port. That investment would turn Puerto Bolivar into the largest ...
... general and politician Simon Bolivar, whose name gave birth to "Bolivia," and Venezuelan freedom fighter and second Bolivian President Antonio Jose de Sucre -- the country gained sovereignty alongside Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama ...

According to the institution, these seismic events are occurring in areas between the resort of Punta Galera, in the northern province of Esmeraldas, and the city of Manta, located south of Manabi. The IG informs that most of the aftershocks are ...
The Mw7.8 earthquake that struck Esmeraldas Provine in northwester Ecuador on April 16 is the strongest recorded earthquake in Ecuador since 1979, said catastrophe risk modelling company Risk Management Solutions (RMS). The quake destroyed at ...
MOSCOW (AFP): President Vladimir Putin on Thursday laughed off a question about Russia's next first lady during his annual phone-in with the nation, but hinted that "maybe" he will remarry one day.
According to Santos, around 11 percent of energy has vanished over 15 days due to the fire that occurred at the Guatape hydroelectric plant in the province of Antioquia in February. The incident shut down generators and restricted the water supply that ...
On February 29, President Rafael Correa announced the awarding of the concession of the Puerto Bolivar berth, in El Oro province, to the Turkish consortium Yilport. This firm is the only one that took part in the public tender of the Port Authority of ...
On January 25, an Ecuadorean court could convict Manuela Pacheco and Manuel Trujillo, activists who oppose a hydroelectric project in Bolivar province, of terrorism. If convicted, they face up to 8 years in prison. Pacheco and Trujillo are accused of ...


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