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updated Fri. April 26, 2024

Colombian ICT minister David Luna has announced his resignation after nearly 3 years in the post, with vice minister of connectivity and digitalisation Juan Sebastian Rozo taking over. In his resignation letter Luna was keen to highlight the fact that 98 percent of the country's territory is now online, with the ...
... a boat transporting bananas from Colombia - the largest ever shipment of the drug found entering Europe. Spain's interior minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, announced the record seizure at the Bay of Gibraltar port of Algeciras after an international operation involving Europol and the Colombian government.

Colombia is moving towards a greater reliance on local currency peso-denominated debt amid a year of political transition for the oil-exporting sovereign issuer. In an interview with LatinFinance, Colombia's Minister of Finance said the ideal composition of the country's debt was split 70% in pesos and the ...
At about the same time, a former lead negotiator of the FARC peace process was arrested in Colombia on charges of conspiring to smuggle $320 million worth of cocaine to the U.S. He was a high-ranking official in FARC and was due to become a member of the Colombian Congress. Clearly, FARC's ...
The official was referring to the more than 3,000 civilians murdered by army brigades across Colombia between 2002 and 2008. In cases that came to be known as “false positives,” officials recorded the murder victims as enemies killed in combat and rewarded officers for running up the body count.

While the masses of other Venezuelan migrants have dispersed into cities across Colombia, the Yukpa's concentrated presence on the border has irritated local authorities. Members of the group have repeatedly clashed with Colombian border officials, and even threatened them with bows and arrows.
In an attempt to save the tree, the government declared it the official tree of Colombia and turned the valley into a wildlife sanctuary. The palms and their lush ... The Cocora Valley is part of Los Nevados National Natural Park and therefore has special protection under Colombian law. The best way to reach ...

NEW PALTZ – Two provincial governors from northern Colombia are part of a 20-member delegation visiting the Hudson Valley this week, in an effort to save ... Atlantico Governor Edwardo de la Rosa also previously served as Colombian environmental minister, and as Secretary General of the progressive ...
BOGOTA – Prince Albert II of Monaco and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos visited on Monday the Lost City, a pre-Columbian citadel of stone ... The prince of Monaco is visiting Colombia on an agenda that includes attending a rugby championship and the official meeting he had with Santos on Sunday in ...
On July 8, 2013, Minister Elmar Mammadyarov and Foreign Affairs Minister of Colombia Maria Angela Holguin held political consultations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. Minister Mammadyarov welcomed his Colombian counterpart to Azerbaijan and noted with satisfaction the current state of ...
“The private sector is jointly responsible in the fight against corruption,” said Gabriel Cifuentes, Colombian secretary of transparency. “The initiative starts from this principle. No company with operations in Colombia should remain outside of what should be understood as a country goal: to end corruption, ...
However, the fourth horseman is more persistent: Colombian health officials announced last week that the country's first case of measles in years has ... At a press conference in Medellin, Colombia, Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria confirmed an unvaccinated 14-month-old Venezuelan boy arrived in the ...
Para powerlifting continues to grow around the world as eight participants attended a Technical Official Level 3 course in Cali, Colombia, this being the ... the 2018 World Para Powerlifting Americas Open Championships set to take place in the Colombian capital city of Bogota between 5 and 9 December.
And those problems are exacerbated by the political situation in Colombia, where officials are grappling with different priorities. ... Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos' government has prioritized implementing the 2016 peace accords with the rebel group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.
Analysts and officials say traffic on those trails has increased in the weeks since Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced stricter enforcement at official border crossings, an effort to stem migration from Venezuela. Colombia doesn't recognise the Venezuelan migrants as refugees, but the UN's ...


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