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updated Tue. February 13, 2024

Southern Center for Human Rights files lawsuit against Georgia State Prison ... filed a civil rights lawsuit this week on behalf of two men claiming they were beaten, while handcuffed, by officers employed at Georgia State Prison in Reidsville. ... Brutally beating handcuffed prisoners does quite the opposite.
The state of Georgia is still failing to adequately care for some developmentally disabled patients in community settings, including one death due to ... Mr. D, who was released from prison after 22 years, during which he watched a cellmate commit suicide and watched another prisoner get stabbed to death.

Southern Center for Human Rights files lawsuit Thursday against Georgia State Prison ... rights lawsuit Thursday on behalf of two men claiming they were beaten, while handcuffed, by officers employed at Georgia State Prison in Reidsville. ... Brutally beating handcuffed prisoners does quite the opposite.
When Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson's wife became a bail bonding agent in February 2016, other bondsmen worried she'd have an inside track in the business. Tenille Watson started fast, court records show. In her first three months on the job she wrote more bonds for criminal defendants than the ...
The bulk of his cases focus on civil-rights violations, police misconduct, prisoners' rights, and wrongful incarcerations. ... He went to Lewis and Clark and earned his law degree, passed the Georgia state bar exam, and worked in Santiago, Chile for seven years, where helped reshape environmental codes.
The countries that maintain a mandatory arming policy, and in the city in our own state of Georgia, are peaceful and secure. The crazies who seek to produce violence here seek out spots where they know they are not likely to find armed opposition. They seek schools, churches, theaters, malls, and clubs.

Activist Kimberly Davis came to UNC's campus Monday night to speak about her family's long struggle to prove the innocence of her brother, who was executed by the state of Georgia in 2011. “I am the sister of Troy Davis, who was an innocent man who was executed on death row,” Kimberly Davis said.
Eleven of the claims "used the identities of current or former inmates in the Georgia state prison system, and several others were filed in the names of members of the Crespo family," the attorney general said. In the second scheme, Crespo filed 23 fraudulent Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) -- this time ...
Today, probationers outnumber parolees, jail inmates, and prisoners combined. .... crime while relying on less incarceration.23 In the state of Georgia, where 1 in 17 people are on probation, and where in 2015 two thirds of those imprisoned were incarcerated for probation and parole violations,24 Norquist ...
Georgia State was then discussed as a positive example and model for how to properly assist underrepresented student populations, specifically black men, to boost graduation averages. There was a ... It had a booming iron industry, and many workers were prisoners that were “leased” to work. “It was the ...
Ben Wexler took to Twitter to drag the Georgia state senate after they passed a bill that would allow adoption agencies to refuse to place children in same-sex couple .... “And he never gives it to me,” she complained, as if she was a financial prisoner, only allowed out when hubby gave her his card.
On any given weekday, hundreds of prisoners hit the streets to collect trash, clean city buildings, dig ditches, maintain roadways and other locations such as ... Many of the wardens wanted more money from the state, which pays county prisons only $20 per day, per prisoner compared to $45 for prisoners at ...
Some teachers left goodbye messages to their students on classroom blackboards. Others cleared their desks. It was Feb. 16, 1968, a Friday, and a sign of what was coming that Monday in Florida: the nation's first statewide teachers strike. When schools opened their doors that day a half-century ago, more ...
Sister Helen Prejean, the famed author of “Dead Man Walking,” joined prominent local death penalty opponents in a Feb. 15 forum to highlight a new book on the subject published by the Buckhead-based Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Prejean told a big audience gathered at Sandy Springs' Holy Innocents' ...
I've given three different talks to them on beekeeping, and they have hives there — I think they have about six hives there that the prisoners maintain,” Tillman said. At peak honey season in the summer, each hive can have as ... The bee is also Georgia's state insect. In the past five years, public information ...
As used here, the term “police” includes jailors who fatally taser a prisoner. A taser is a .... The two Washington County deputies charged with killing Euria Lee Martin are not the first Georgia law enforcement officers to be criminally charged in a Georgia state court as a result of a fatal police tasering incident.
“I'd like to assure everyone that we did not do away with all of our prisoners picking up trash,” Crews said. “Some ... “I remember from years past, a previous commissioner sitting right here, and saying that we have some of the nastiest roads in the state of Georgia, and it was an embarrassment,” Davis said.

By Charles Hankla. Georgia State University. SPORTS ... And on Thursday, Alabama plans to execute an 83-year-old prisoner, its oldest on its death row, for the 1989 package bomb killing of a federal judge. By Kim Chandler.
In February, an inmate killed a fellow prisoner at Lee, where this week's attack took place among inmates armed with homemade knives used to slash and stab rival gang members. An inmate stabbed two officers in 2015. At Kirkland, another maximum-security prison, two inmates killed four prisoners last year in under an ...
The two men were among more than two dozen state prisoners onboard a transport bus on the morning of June 13, 2017, when they apparently ... said was a burglary at a home in Madison before they stole a pickup truck in Morgan County and then drove across the Georgia state line into Tennessee.
On Wednesday, the state of Georgia gave their answer and by Friday morning of this week, Carton Gary will be dead by lethal injection. His lawyer, Jack Martin, issued the following ... courts have refused to intervene.” If Gary is executed tonight, he will be the first prisoner put to death in Georgia in 2018.
FORSYTH, Ga. – The execution of condemned murderer Carlton Michael Gary scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 15, 2018, at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson was carried out on Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 10:33 p.m. in accordance with state law. Gary did not accept a final ...
"Beating up, torturing the prisoners. I even would allege torture in the cases I filed in the ... yeah, I've never seen this before,” said Stokes. The document shows the intergovernmental organization reached out to the United States in 2008 about the allegations of torture in the Georgia state prison system.


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