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updated Tue. July 2, 2024

The Times reported that he even asked the U.S. postal service to identify from where the letter detailing the claims had been sent. That is a no-no, especially for a CEO. However, the truth is more complicated and some say that there are mitigating circumstances. First, the “whistleblower” was not a Barclays ...
The whistleblower, Shahmir Sanni, says he has endured one of the “most awful weekends” of his life after telling the Observer how Vote Leave channelled money through .... Thank you to the many people who have already supported us financially – your contribution is what makes stories like this possible.

After much litigation and lobbying, the U.S. Congress finally stepped in and adopted a broader definition of “proceeds” so that whistleblowers can receive the full ... For nearly a decade, the IRS has aggressively pursued taxpayers with assets and bank accounts concealed outside of the United States.
It was never separate.” And he has a whole dossier of emails, text messages and other files. What's more: “They told us to set up the bank account, but no money ever went into it. I was the treasurer and secretary of BeLeave and I never saw the money. I had no control over it. It was Vote Leave who decided ...
Implement a tracking system for assessment and case management. (Note: best practices shift when implementing reporting systems for a global or cross-border workforce. This post assumes a US employee population only.) Policies should require employee cooperation, allow for prompt zero-tolerance ...

EXCLUSIVE: SCL Group Whistleblower Claims Cambridge Analytica Used a US Military Weapon Against the US Elections ... As we all know by now, Cambridge Analytica has apparently utilized highly sophisticated psychometric algorithms to target mental vulnerabilities within the United States and other ...
This week the National Whistleblower Center (NWC) met with the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) General Counsel Peter Davidson and Senior Counsel James Uthmeier to discuss the ... In 2017 alone, whistleblowers filing under the False Claims Act recovered $3.4 billion in federal funds. There is ...

A whistleblower who sparked a U.S. government lawsuit accusing Abiomed of paying kickbacks to doctors is now pursuing retaliation claims against the Danvers-based heart pump maker. Abiomed (Nasdaq: ABMD) reached a $3.1 million settlement with U.S. prosecutors on Thursday over allegations that it ...
“We are concerned that any preemptive steps taken by the acting leadership risk undercutting the constitutional authority of the U.S. Senate to provide advice and ... As a former whistleblower, Meyer cannot escape the perception he may favor whistleblowers,” which is inescapable “if a third party can reasonably infer that ...
For six months, the Intelligence Community Inspector General office investigated the cases of 190 whistleblowers who went through US spy agency channels to report corruption, waste, fraud, abuse and criminality, discovering that the overwhelming majority had faced some combination of indefinite delays ...
The SEC awarded its largest whistleblower payments to date, splitting approximately $50 million between two whistleblowers and giving more than $33 million ... Monday's record-breaking whistleblower award re-enforces what the SEC has consistently been telling us: the SEC's whistleblower program is a ...
Hanford vitrification plant leader says he's not a whistleblower despite U.S. senator's suspicion. By Annette Cary Tri-City Herald; Mar 21, 2018; (0) ... Earlier in the day Wyden told Energy Secretary Rick Perry that it was a “whistleblower story.” Perry was answering questions from the Senate Energy and Natural Resources ...
Facebook in the Age of the Big Tech Whistleblower ... Wylie is just one in a small-but-growing cadre of digital whistleblowers who have come of age in the early decades of the Internet, and played a hand in helping tech ... It's difficult for any of us to understand where our information goes and how it's used.
(CNN) Democrats say a whistleblower who has been a key component of a Republican-led investigation that's targeted Hillary Clinton's role in the approval ... Investment in the United States, a committee that comprises representatives from several US government agencies, including the State Department, ...
Stephen M. Kohn, executive director of the National Whistleblower Center said, “the threat of a retaliatory libel lawsuit renders any whistleblower protection law a dead letter. Unless GRECO aggressively prevents the misuse of libel lawsuits to harass and intimidate whistleblowers, the right of employees to ...


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