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"Naturally, the average Tea Partyer – when sober – will deny having 'a racist bone' in his body, but any group whose unifying characteristic is daily engorgement on Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck is, by definition, racist. Anyone who tries to tell you different, is far too tolerant of bigoted behavior, assumptions and speech to be anything but a closet racist, himself."
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updated Tue. April 16, 2024

President Donald Trump has given Pastor Darrell Scott a tough new job. The Cleveland-based minister is taking the lead in rebuilding and reshaping the country's African American communities. (REUTERS/Matthew Bigg)African American communities can look forward to Trump's Urban Revitalization Plan ...

About 200 UF students and faculty members came Tuesday night to listen to the CNN political commentator and NPR political analyst. The Black Student Union and the Women's Student Association hosted Rye in the University Auditorium to celebrate the closing ceremony of Black History Month and the ...
Recently America bore witness to an African-American man finish second in the Daytona 500, the most prestigious race on the NASCAR circuit. ... So next time a sports commentator makes a comment about how a finish like Wallace's in the Daytona 500 affects the sport, I hope they mention that those ...
“I think the better question is why in a city as diverse and forward-thinking as Long Beach, why is there no African American woman in a single public office in our entire city—not a school board seat, not a college board seat, not the city council,” Richardson told the Post. “Unless we take women of color ...
“There's always kind of for me, been this undertone of like, 'I want to protect you from yourself' coming from a lot of anti-gun circles,” said Colion Noir, an African-American NRA News commentator in 2015. “It's insulting and at worst, it's racist.” Last June, on the one year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub ...
Those reports include an annual examination of representation across the industry from UCLA's Ralph J. Bunche Center African American Studies called the “Hollywood Diversity Report;” a nearly decade-long analysis of popular films and the portrayal of gender, race, LGBT and disability from USC's ...


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