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Jorge Gilberto Ramos Ávalos (born March 16, 1958) is a Mexican-American journalist and author, regarded as the most well-known Spanish-language news anchor in the United States. He is currently based in Miami, Florida. He anchors the Univision news television program, Noticiero Univision; hosts the Univision Sunday-morning, political news program, Al Punto; and hosts the Fusion TV English-language program, America with Jorge Ramos. He has covered five wars, and events ranging from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the War in Afghanistan.

Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos
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updated Thu. December 8, 2022

Jorge Ramos, an Emmy award-winning journalist, Univision's longtime anchorman and widely considered the “voice of the voiceless” within the Latino community, was forcefully removed from an Iowa press conference in 2015 by then-candidate Donald Trump after trying to ask about his plans on ...
It's something that acclaimed Mexican-American journalist and longtime Univision anchor Jorge Ramos has understood since Trump first made his foray into politics. Those unfamiliar with Spanish language media may remember Ramos from an exchange the reporter had with then-candidate Trump in ...

Ramos, a well-known anchor for Univision, said he hopes the event will come together. At the end of feisty, combative interview about immigration policy and the plight of illegal immigrants last Wednesday night, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity made Univision anchor Jorge Ramos a proposal. "Let me ask ...
Univision chief news anchor Jorge Ramos is making a surprising stop on a media tour to promote his new book: Telemundo's nightly newscast. Ramos, the longtime face of Univision News, will be featured on the March 12 edition of “Noticias Telemundo” in a conversation with Telemundo's chief anchor, ...
On this episode of "Texas Matters," Texas Public Radio contributor Yvette Benavides talks to Jorge Ramos, the lead news anchor for the Spanish-language network Univision. Ramos has won numerous awards for excellence in journalism, including a Cabot Prize and has been named by Time Magazine as ...

The parents of Joaquin Oliver, the 17-year old Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who died in the school's mass shooting Feb. 14, talked to Univision's TV anchor Jorge Ramos about their loss and new mission: “As a parent you fight for your kids at all times,” his father Manuel Oliver said from ...
Jorge Ramos is one of the most famous journalists in this country. He's an Emmy-winning longtime anchor at Univision. He's also a Mexican immigrant. He came to this country in 1983 to escape the censorship that would have suffocated his reporting. His decision to leave Mexico was, like it is for every ...

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Monday night, Jorge Ramos explained what DREAMers are willing to accept to agree to a deal. Discussing how much a DACA deal falls on the shoulders of the Democrats, Ramos said they cannot make concessions on "family reunification" and deporting ...
In 2015, at a press conference, then–presidential contender Donald Trump told Jorge Ramos, the foremost Spanish-language news anchor in the U.S., to “go back to Univision.” That snide exchange is at the heart of Ramos's new book, Stranger, which is part memoir, part essay, and part manifesto, offering ...
After 35 years in the U.S., the election of Pres. Trump compelled him to share his own story of what it means to be an immigrant in here today. Jorge Ramos, anchor for Noticiero Univision and host Al Punto ("On Point"), which airs on Sunday mornings on Univision and the author of Stranger: The Challenge ...
Young people — the Dreamers and the survivors of a school shooting in Parkland, Florida — are pushing for real change in America. They are not requesting change from the politicians; they are demanding it. They have nothing to lose. A 19-year-old with a legally bought AR-15 killed 17 of the survivors' ...


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