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updated Fri. December 2, 2022

An American author returned to Malta three years after his first visit in the week when his new book climbed to the Number 1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list, regarded as the most distinguished classification of books. Graham Brown was in Malta last week for a short stop-over at the same time ...
US author TEARS APART Brussels' anti-Brexit scaremongering. US author Lionel Shriver tore apart the EU's scaremongering tactics in the Brexit negotiations over the issue of a possible hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as the UK leaves the bloc. By Alessandra Scotto di ...

At least, that's the future as imagined by US author Ernest Cline in his best-seller Ready Player One, which has now been turned into an action adventure film by none other than Steven Spielberg. "All you need is an imagination, and that will take you far in the Oasis," explains the director, who has been at ...
Back in 2014, the Man Booker changed its rules from the slightly eccentric rubric of “everyone except the Americans” to embrace US authors. It made absolute sense at the time. The Man Booker, it was argued, ought to scan the entire literary horizon. It ought not to be parochial. It ought to serve readers the ...
US author Jacqueline Woodson wins richest award for children's writing. American author Jacqueline Woodson, best known for her books for young readers, has won the $600,000 Astrid Lindgren prize, the richest award for children's writing in the world. books Updated: Mar 29, 2018 15:08 IST. HT Corrrespondent

Unbound, a novel based on an ancient Chinese folk tale about a woman. [Photo provided to China Daily]. American novelist John Shors, 49, has seven novels under his belt, and all of them are set in Asia. His latest novel Unbound is a love story that takes place on the Great Wall. Unbound is based on an ...
George Saunders, a US author, won last year's Man Booker Prize for Lincoln in the BardoTIM P. WHITBY/GETTY IMAGES. Leading authors have joined publishers in calling for the Man Booker Prize to abandon its policy of allowing American writers to compete. An overwhelming majority of members of the ...

An overwhelming majority of authors in the Folio Academy, which includes Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan and Zadie Smith among its ranks, have called upon the Man Booker prize to revert to admitting UK, Irish and Commonwealth writers only, over fears of a new American dominance emerging in the ...
Other international authors featured in the program include: US Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Amy Goldstein; Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, US authors Karen Joy Fowler, Jenny Zhang and Eileen Myles; British comedian Robert Webb, Rolling Stone editor Jeff Goodell, American science-fiction writer ...
Writers & Books last year announced that "The Distance Between Us," a novel by award-winning author Reyna Grande, as the selection for its 2018 Rochester Reads program. In her memoir, Grande recounts her harrowing experience as a child living in Mexico in extreme poverty and her journey to the ...
The US author of the Smartest book series has spoken to private wealth clients in Sydney on the keys to a happy retirement. The seminar, “Life, liberty, and happiness after full-time work”, was hosted by author Dan Solin and Stanford Brown adviser Andrew Griffin, and presented as an interactive fireside ...
American author Jacqueline Woodson has won the SEK5m (£430,000) Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2018 for her “masterful characterisation and deep understanding of the adolescent psyche”. Woodson is the author of 30 books, including novels, poetry and picture books. Woodson frequently writes ...


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