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updated Sun. February 12, 2023

In response to this notice, various Michigan militia groups aligned themselves with the Black Creek Volunteers and organized a statewide boycott of Black Creek. On their website, the Black Creek Volunteers refer to themselves as a “constitutional militia.” They proudly claim to “provide information, training, ...

MOUNT PLEASANT, MI -- Some Black Creek Conservation Club members claim members of the Michigan Militia Black Creek Volunteers began infiltrating the club over the past three to five years. A lawsuit was filed against the the club on Aug.18 in Isabella County, claiming since the infiltration of the club ...
Longtime officers and members of the club, formed almost 50 years ago to offer a shooting range and teach conservation principles, claim that members of the Michigan Militia Black Creek Volunteers began infiltrating the club over the past three to five years. In a lawsuit filed in Isabella County Trial Court ...
From the post-World War I Ku Klux Klan and Father Charles Coughlin to the John Birch Society and survivalist Michigan Militia groups, Michigan for decades has been home to organizations spouting hateful rhetoric, fear, and arguments of super-patriotism. In an interview this week, Vinyard noted that while ...
Members of the Great Lakes Three Percenters, and other Michigan Militia groups gathered in Kalkaska early in the day. Their commander said, although they had been in contact with village president Jeff Sieting about being outside the meeting, they weren't there in support of him, just to provide security. “We're here for the ...
Newcomers to Alaska's militia scene may have other ideas. In 2009, the co-founder of the Michigan Militia, Norman Olson, moved to Alaska. That same year, he held a recruitment speech in the small town of Nikiski, Alaska, about 170 miles south of Anchorage. At the meeting, Olson warned attendees, ...
Following the latest standoff between militiamen in Oregon and federal authorities, I figured I'd head to embed with and make a doc about the most OG militia in America: the Michigan Militia. During the 90s, the Michigan Militia reportedly had 10,000 members and a camo-clad Norman Olson, one of its ...
Flint, Michigan, is seeing some high-profile support these days. Michael Moore and Reverend Jesse Jackson have held rallies in town. Jimmy Fallon, Mark Wahlberg, and Sean “Diddy” Combs have made huge water-bottle donations. Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, and Big Sean also make the list of donors.
She did field work with the Michigan militia as part of her dissertation research. Cooter tells us it's “certainly possible” that Michigan could see some sort of militia activity, but it's unlikely that it would play out the way it has in Oregon. “There's a little bit more faith in the state government in Michigan than what ...


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