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Hillary Clinton, speaking
Hillary Clinton, speaking
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updated Mon. May 13, 2024

This sharp drop in speaking fees did not go unnoticed by members of the Trump administration, including counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway. When asked about Clinton's low speaking fee, Conway took the chance to mock Clinton, noting that the fees were a fraction of what she used to get from ...

After embarrassing herself and creating yet another obstacle for Congressional Democrats to overcome later this year during a disastrous trip to India earlier this month, Hillary Clinton is taking a massive 90% cut to her typical speaking fee for an engagement at one of New Jersey's most prestigious ...
Proving that the 2016 election will never officially die, Kellyanne Conway mocked Hillary Clinton over paid speeches on Friday morning while appearing on Fox News. This time, though, the Trump surrogate and counselor needled the former of secretary of state over pulling in a paltry "$25,000" for a ...
The acquisition went through when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, and her department was among nine involved in allowing the deal. ... Foundation had accepted large donations from people with ties to Uranium One, and former President Bill Clinton had taken a big speaking fee from a Russian ...
Hillary Clinton Reportedly Made $7,000 Less than 'Snooki' For University Speech. Unable to load video. Hillary Clinton is known to command high speaking fees, sometimes as high as a quarter of a million dollars, but it seems as of late, Jersey Shore star 'Snooki' can pull in even larger checks. Nathan Rousseau Smith has ...


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