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updated Sun. June 9, 2024

In her new book, “Chasing Hillary,” Amy Chozick, a longtime Hillary Clinton beat reporter, grapples with the role she had in publishing John Podesta's emails and excerpts from Mrs. Clinton's speeches to Wall Street, which were leaked by WikiLeaks in October 2016. Ms. Chozick harshly assesses her own ...

... ascension at the Wall Street Journal, her decision to freeze her eggs and hit pause on her personal life after learning she'd be chasing Clinton around the country, again. In effect, she reveals how politics becomes personal. An enduring national obsession surrounds Hillary Clinton. On one partisan side, ...
The news reports have all focused on the FBI's second-in-command leaking information to the Wall Street Journal – or authorizing subordinates to do so ... McCabe's testimony is the best way to learn why the FBI and Department of Justice seemingly mishandled everything related to Hillary Clinton and how ...
Drawing upon a decade of covering Clinton, first at the Wall Street Journal and then at the Times, Chozick depicts a campaign removed from America's geographic and cultural center. While James Comey may have actually cost Clinton the White House, neither the candidate nor her minions were doing all ...
SAN FRANCISCO — Gary Gensler was one of the top financial regulators in the Obama administration, the finance chief for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and, before both of those jobs, a partner at Goldman Sachs. Now, like many other big names from business and government, he is ...
Comey has an explanation for his choices at each step of his handling of investigations into Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But at some of the steps, he made mistakes because he was excessively focused on protecting the political reputation of the FBI and the Department of Justice. There were several ...
... to mislead about his role in a leak at Hillary Clinton's expense. The gist is that McCabe orchestrated a leak to a Wall Street Journal reporter shortly before the 2016 election, describing private deliberations he'd had with Obama Justice Department officials about an investigation of the Clinton Foundation.


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