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updated Sat. October 15, 2022

A New Zealand journalist has come across a 'top secret' government lab in the South Pole dubbed 'Antarctica's Area 51'. Guy Crashes Snowmobile Into Tree. 0:24. Guy Crashes Snowmobile Into Tree · Climbers Jump off Side of Mountain. 2:56 · Climbers Jump off Side of Mountain · Massachusetts town hit with coastal ...

An eyewitness in Nevada, near to the purported location US government's top secret Area 51 military base, has recorded footage of what appears to be a .... explanation to digest than the idea that alien warships have been engaging in a laser battle above Area 51, and only one person actually noticed.
Conspiracies thrive in Antarctica. It's locked down tight, they say, patrolled by the military - and only those with official security clearance can enter the most secretive areas. The Arrival Heights laboratory is inside one of those secure areas. Only those with Government-authorised permits can enter - and, ...
Space Invaders: WATCH Alleged UFO Battle Near US' Classified Area 51. CC0 · Tech. 14:48 20.03.2018 (updated 14:55 20.03.2018) Get short URL. 6228. Describing a recent incident in the skies above Nevada's second-largest city of Henderson, an eyewitness referred to the emergence of up to ten bright dots which ...
... UFO hunters. ALIEN hunters were left in a frenzy when they spotted what they believed to be a UFO 'battle' in the skies above a city in Nevada which is just a two hour driver from Area 51 – an alleged extraterrestrial hotspot. By Sean Martin. PUBLISHED: 16:49, Mon, Mar 19, 2018 | UPDATED: 16:55, Mon, Mar 19, 2018 ...
Area 51 is a highly known and widely debated Air Force Base located in Nevada, about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas. Its official purpose is to test military aircraft technology; however, it is rumored to contain the remains of alien spacecrafts that have crashed as well as communication with extraterrestrials, ...
A FORMER senior Pentagon official has spoken about the US Government's handling of alleged UFOs witnessed by military personnel. Chris Mellon, who served deputy assistant secretary of defence for intelligence in the Bill Clinton and George W Bush administrations, said the US is ignoring UFO ...
In Alien Domicile, available to watch on Digital Download in the UK on April 9th, “Five government contractors wake up to find themselves confined under the infamous Area 51. They are forced to confront a sinister government experiment and a horrifying Alien host.” We have the first trailer and stills from ...


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