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updated Sat. August 6, 2022

Aside from his past efforts to erode NOAA services, Myers's affiliation with AccuWeather represents another potential conflict of interest. Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) released a statement shortly after Myers's nomination in October stating that he felt “disappointed,” describing President Trump's pick as a ...

ARCTIC DRILLING IN THE TAX BILL: A tax cut compromise reached Wednesday by GOP negotiators contains a plan to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Sen. Lisa Murkowski · Lisa Ann MurkowskiThe siren of Baton Rouge Interior plan to use drilling funds for new projects met with ...
The weather forecasting company provides products similar to some NOAA services such as the National Weather Service, leading to concerns among Democrats that Myers is unacceptably conflicted. “While he is clearly knowledgeable about our national weather program, I remain concerned about ...
The week's Trump-related conflicts flared in government science agencies: The EPA delivers good news to a major donor, a privatizing weatherman takes over NOAA, and an appointee could profit from the oil spills she's supposed to prevent. When Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott ...
Myers “is conflicted since he has advocated on behalf of his private company to take over some NOAA services. He is not really qualified, as he is not a scientist and has no experience with much of what NOAA does. That is a problem not only because there are so few appointees in this administration who ...
... the high-flying unmanned aircraft to assist in predicting the intensity and path of current and future hurricanes. Cherokee Nation Technologies provides NOAA services in science, technology and operations, including program management, systems engineering, data management, testing and evaluation.
President Obama today issued the FY 2012 budget for NOAA, requesting $5.5 billion for the nation's oceanic and atmospheric agency. The proposed budget includes key investments to strengthen NOAA's most critical programs and initiatives while addressing the administration's goals of ensuring ...
His NOAA service includes the past three years as head of NOAA's Office of National Geodetic Survey. Zilkoski is pleased with Blackwell's selection noting that "Juliana brings both experience and a commitment to collaborative partnering with non-NOAA resources to enable NOAA to meet or exceed its ...
Enterprise (Ala.) High School officials and students followed appropriate safety measures prior to and during the March 1 tornado outbreak which killed eight students, but the event further demonstrated the need for such facilities to have hardened safe rooms, according to a NOAA National Weather Service ...


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