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updated Fri. December 10, 2021

Testwuide is one of seven North American players fast-tracked to Korean citizenship for the Olympics. “Ringers,” they have been .... There, the options are to either toil in North America's notoriously hardscrabble minor leagues, find a living playing hockey overseas, or give up the sport altogether. Switching ...

While the insignia has been associated with Cleveland's baseball team for more than seven decades, the attachment is significantly more emotional than it is a booming business for the big-league club. "Merchandise revenues are a very small piece of the total revenue picture," Indians chief financial officer ...
Oprah Winfrey's story, from her birth in a small, poor town in Mississippi in 1954, to her becoming a billionaire and having to address rumors about a ... When Washington started the National Negro Business League in 1900, an organization to boost black business and entrepreneurship in the United States, ...
The chapter's goals “are to develop, educate, economically empower, sustain and promote African-American businesses by advocating for economic development through pro-black business legislative policies,” he said. “Our ideal and/or target are from individuals, entrepreneurs and small business ...
Senate Bill 1076, the “Small Business Parity Act,” will protect Florida's small business franchise owners from unfair practices and will promote economic ... At the end of the day this bill is about supporting individuals in pursuit of the American dream — the ability to own and operate a business, support and ...
The Greenville Chamber honored business leaders and looked ahead to the future during the organization's 129th annual meeting Thursday night. This year ... The Chamber has been working with the United States Soccer League since last July to bring in a franchise. ... SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR.
“Our massive tax cuts provide tremendous relief for the middle class and small business, to lower tax rates for hard-working Americans. We nearly doubled the standard deduction for everyone,” stated the President. “We want every American to know the dignity of a hard day's work. We want every child to ...


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