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updated Wed. March 13, 2024

COLOURFUL AND OOZING defiance, a sports-friendly version of the abaya gown was once considered a symbol of cultural rebellion in conservative Saudi Arabia, but it is fast becoming the new normal. Pictures of female athletes running in the garb in the Red Sea city of Jeddah went viral last month, ...

“Given that high-academically-achieving students are sought after by many universities,” the paper reads, “the detected malfeasance of an infracting sports program could serve as a signal to these high-academically-achieving students to choose another university, given their large choice set of universities ...
Qualcomm is introducing a new line of chips today that are custom-made for smart cameras. The new line is called the Vision Intelligence Platform, and it's meant to get AI features, extreme low-light image processing, image stabilization, and computer vision abilities into more cameras — and to do it better ...
They partnered with Turner Sports to broadcast 21 of the March Madness games in virtual reality this year. A bunch of tech bloggers, many marketing people, and one Steve Lavin — the former head coach of UCLA and St. John's who now calls games for the VR broadcasts — mill about, drinking beers, ...
The Baltimore Ravens launched a five-year partnership with Up2Us Sports, it was announced Tuesday. The $1.5 million investment by the Ravens will help expand the Up2Us Sports program throughout Baltimore from 2018-23. Established in 2010, Up2Us Sports is a national nonprofit dedicated to ...
H. Wayne Huizenga, the founding owner of the Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers and former owner of the Miami Dolphins, died Thursday night at his home. He was 80. Valerie Hinkell, a longtime assistant to Huizenga, told The Associated Press of Huizenga's death when reached at the family residence ...
Many girls and young women are missing out on the benefits of playing sport due to a "gender gap", the charity Women in Sport has claimed. Sport Wales figures for 2015 showed only 44% of girls of primary and secondary school age were active compared with 52% of boys. Women in Sport blamed "a lack of female ...
Women had been petitioning the International Olympic Committee to qualify and compete in the ski jumping events for years, but the sport was restricted to men. But when all you've ever dreamed of is competing in the Olympics, nothing will stand in your way. So I trained, campaigned and fought. And nine ...


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