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"We can have concentrated wealth in the hands of a few or we can have democracy, but we cannot have both."
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updated Sun. May 12, 2024

“Behind closed doors, in a secret place, the richest, the famous 1%, plot to influence the leaders of the G7. Hard to find a better ... The G7 is rather part of the problem in favoring the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the increasingly restricted economic elite. As G7 leaders strut in front of the ...
The processes of globalization have now greatly complicated the relationship of liberation from the absolutist State with nationhood and the people, ..... still exist – but also on the symbolic level, and consequently, that it is just as necessary to fight for words as it is to fight for territories or property or wealth.

From the least to the greatest, the young to the old, Nigerians have become “fantastically corrupt” people, almost without conscience. This is ... They give phantom awards to the political and economic elite in the country with the sole intent of collecting from the (suspecting?) awardees their own part of the ...
“If you in Texas are prepared to work hard, stand up, fight back, go out to your neighbors, talk to those people who voted for Trump, make sure that every friend ... Big banks and corporations thrived during this period, while wages stagnated for the majority of American workers, driving income and wealth ...
From Arizona to Alaska to North Dakota to Georgia, I heard a worry in common from people active in struggles for justice. They talk about the .... Most Swedes and Norwegians came to realize that the economic elite ruled their countries and that their parliaments were pretend democracies. Loving efficiency ...
That's the best word to describe our reaction after an hour talking to JB Pritzker, the man Democrats should nominate to challenge Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner in November. ... Maybe it was a general concern that, suddenly, the Governor's Office was available only to the economic elite. Maybe it was Pritzker's ...

This has resulted in massive U.S. public (20 trillion USD ) and household (12.7 trillion USD ) debt levels, with real wealth now being concentrated at the criminal and ... Failure to do so may well result in the rise of a 'sham democracy,' catering only to the needs of the economic elite, and the eventual fragmentation of large ...
The Rutgers poll is another boost for Murphy, who won decisively after campaigning like a progressive on steroids. The poll says that most people in New Jersey feel they pay too much in taxes, and that they don't get a good bang for their tax bucks. But it also said about 70 percent are happy to tag the rich, ...
During the campaign, Trump's Man-of-the-People shtick involved telling crowds that Wall Street is "getting away with murder," and suggesting the rich should pay .... In the ultimate symbol of the American economic elite's divorce from the most onerous moral and practical consequences of Donald Trump's ...
Who uses toll lanes? My observation with I-70 toll lanes is that as congestion builds the toll lanes become populated with high end vehicles, Land Rovers, Infinitis, and BMWs. The economic elite is traveling faster, but not the average driver. The same will be true of the Gap toll lanes. The wealthy will be able ...
When it was over, a woman asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got — a republic or a monarchy?” ... Citizens United case added fuel to the flame by ruling that corporations were people and money was speech, which makes it easier for the wealthy to buy even more power and influence to widen the gap.
Many observers claim that stagnant wages over the last several decades for the working class combined with rapid wealth advancement for the upper class ... Valley have made broad swaths of the American people feel left out at the expense of a rising, new economic elite with unique technical skill sets.
For this reason, it intends to draw candidates not from a group of already active politicians but rather from among black people and favela residents who ... including technical professionals and academics, mostly “white people who are part of the country's intellectual and economic elite,” the most famous of ...
Cryptocurrencies aren't just about increasing efficiency, but taking down an economic elite that has been using its control over currency to maintain its wealth and ... Bitcoin transactions are authenticated by the thousands of people who dedicate their computers and electricity to building the blockchain.
Amy Chua launches off the well-known fact that the economic elite despises Donald Trump to propose a fascinating new hypothesis about the crisis in ... Like Indonesia's ethnic Chinese minority, which accounts for 2–4 percent of the population but controls 70 percent of the country's wealth, the oil-rich ...
(Dean divulged no more details to Morison, telling her, in Young's words, “it was a man's job, it wasn't a woman's job, and he wanted her to go in there and have them send ... Rich was a member of the town's largely Protestant economic elite, who rallied around him after he was accused, Mark Bean said.
Demonstrators place flowers in the barrels of soldiers guns as people take to the streets again to protest for changes in Tunisia's new government on ... Often portrayed by his allies as a “radical cultural modernizer,” Bourguiba promoted the interests of the economic elite, largely disregarding workers.

According to Time magazine, “The Richest 10% of Americans Now Own 84% of All Stocks.” We're told to all celebrate how well the market is doing, but it's just the rich further enriching themselves by playing games with the lives of everyone else. It's like Monopoly, except we regular people are the ...
Simply put, “clean food” (a.k.a “whole food”) has been positioned as rich people food, and an aspirational American middle class wants in, none of which has been lost on the fast food industry. But “clean eating” is, at its best, a marketing tactic that spreads awareness about the connection between diet and ...
Just in time for last week's convening of the most powerful and elite in Davos, Oxfam released a disturbing report that 82% of wealth that generated last year went to the richest 1%. Meanwhile, one in five children in rich countries still live in poverty, according to Unicef. Welcome to the sickeningly unequal ...
What makes her story such big news is her politics, which in turn produced the political motives that caused powerful people to want her dead. ... intervention, and, most threateningly of all, her growing power as a black, gay woman from the favela seeking not to join Brazil's power structure, but to subvert it.
“Rettig's sympathy for rich people seeking creative solutions to minimize their tax obligations makes him a poor choice for a country experiencing massive economic inequality and a declining ability to collect owed taxes from the economic elite,” said Jeff Hauser, executive director of the Revolving Door ...



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