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Government revenue is money received by a Government. It is an important tool of the fiscal policy of the government and is the opposite factor of government spending. Revenues earned by the government are received from sources such as taxes levied on the incomes and wealth accumulation of individuals and corporations and on the goods and services produced, exports and imports, non-taxable sources such as government-owned corporations' incomes, central bank revenue and capital receipts in the form of external loans and debts from international financial institutions. logo
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updated Tue. February 6, 2024

The implementation of the country's first tax reform law has been so far “quite successful,” and the government is committed to ensure the revenues would be “well-spent,” a government ... “The revenue collections in the first two months are on target, and our inflation has remained manageable,” he added.

The Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service (KDIRS) said on Thursday, that the state government generated more than N200 million from the Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS) in nine months. Alhaji Mukhtar Ahmed, Executive Chairman, KDIRS, gave the figure in an interview with ...
It's one of several bills pending in Annapolis seeking more highway user revenues for local governments. ... The Maryland Municipal League, which represents local governments' interests, supported Edwards' bill — but with an amendment, MML Governmental Relations Director Candace Donoho said.
Total revenue in January was PLN 35.2 billion (EUR 8.4 billion), whereas total expenditure was PLN 26.6 billion (EUR 6.4 billion). Compared to January 2017, revenue from income tax was up by 13.7 percent, corporate tax by 11.4 percent and excise tax by 11.8 percent. There was however a reduction in ...
The Federal Government has commenced the audit of the entire operations of the maritime sector in its quest to increase its contribution to the national purse.The review was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Transportation, and has been duly approved for a private independent entity – Compliance ...
However, a steep and sustained decline in housing prices will impact revenues of higher tiers of governments as well, limiting their abilities to offer ... The balancing act for the government is to determine whether the additional revenue from new speculation taxes, which could be sizeable, will be large ...
Bago government revenues have increased more than 150pc since 2013 while the grant transfer from the Union government to the region has grown more than 290pc in the same period, according to the Citizen's Budget released by the Bago regional government. Excise, fishery and property taxes make ...
If a charge is assessed and the hospital fails to pay it, the local governing body could petition the Department of Revenue to remove the nonprofit ... Being exempt from property taxes, that means the local government must depend more on smaller taxpayers and businesses to provide revenues to help run ...


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