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updated Thu. May 16, 2024

The problem is that government spending has shifted away from productive investments that create jobs (infrastructure and development) to primarily social welfare and debt service which has a negative rate of return. According to the Center On Budget & Policy Priorities, nearly 75% of every tax dollar now ...
RIYADH — The Ministry of Finance, represented by the Debt Management Office, on Sunday announced that it has received the approval from the Capital Market Authority to list and trade Saudi Riyal-denominated government debt instruments (bonds and Sukuk) on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul).

That's the number you get when you sum the federal debt held by the public and so-called intragovernmental debt, or debt owed by government agencies to other governmental agencies. That total is growing at roughly $3.3 billion a day. Our debt now exceeds our country's gross domestic product. Debt to ...
2-May Germany Auction of 5-year Federal notes 2-May Japan 3-month discount bill auction 2-May Sweden Auction of government bonds 2-May Belgium Auction of Treasury bills 3-May United Kingdom Auction of 0¾% Treasury Gilt 2023 7-May Norway Auction of Treasury bills 7-May France Auction of BTF ...
America's national debt rises and Congress increases the debt limit so the government can repay its lenders. Despite the bitter struggles and threats of government shutdown in Congress, this has pretty much been happening since the 1950s. Today, the debt ceiling stands at $20 trillion with another $10 ...
The main reason for this is that the government will have an on-going liability for a proportion of EU staff's pensions earned while the UK was a member. Mr Hammond did not have much to say about Brexit in his statement - prompting opposition claims that he knew there would be no "Brexit dividend" for ...

The natural debt dynamics for central government borrowing is quite favorable, as nominal/real growth is much higher than nominal/real rates. Consequently, the central ... and European banking systems. Since the crisis, they have contributed to bubbles and bad debts within the region, notably in China.”.
OTTAWA—The governor of the Bank of Canada says the federal government's steps in the last couple of years to take on more public debt has helped prevent an even faster buildup of household debt that has still managed to climb to historic highs. Stephen Poloz says Ottawa's recent spending on ...
In 2016, the federal government spent $269 billion dollars on interest on the debt alone. These costs will only rise over the next decade as interest rates inevitably increase, and by 2027 net interest will total $5.6 trillion (Peter G. Peterson Foundation). Interest costs will then be the government's third largest ...
Treasury prices rose, pushing yields lower, on Monday after solid appetite for two batches of government debt auctions saw strong bidding, ahead of ... Bond prices climbed late in the trading session after two auctions for government paper were relatively well-received, with close to $50 billion of notes sold ...

“Consumers' expectations about their personal financial situations continued to improve,” according to the survey, “Expectations about changes in taxes declined to a new series' low, while expectations about growth in government debt increased sharply.” Median inflation expectations grew to 2.8% in ...
In its assessment, the Commission noted the progressive reduction of public and private debts, although “at uneven pace”. “Reductions in debt-to-GDP ratios, including government debt ratios, are increasingly benefiting from higher nominal growth, while borrowing by households and non-financial ...
China is fully confident of its ability to fend off systemic debt risks, while it continues to strengthen control over local government debt, its finance minister Xiao Jie said on Wednesday. China will reasonably set quotas on local government debt issuance and keep cracking down on “chaotic” debt financing, ...
China's Finance Minister Xiao Jie waves as he arrives for a press conference on the sidelines of the National People's Congress at the media center in Beijing, Wednesday, March 7, 2018. Xiao tried Wednesday to defuse concern over the country's rising debt, saying government borrowing is below danger ...
This big-picture look at the nation's fiscal condition covers the federal government's financial statements; the federal debt; federal, state, and local fiscal ... growth and address national policies need to be accompanied by a broader fiscal plan to put the government on a path that is more sustainable over the long term.
Washington is set to return to annual budget deficits of $1 trillion or more. The only other time this happened was from 2009 to 2012, as a bad recession hit, tax revenue plunged and Congress passed aggressive stimulus programs to mitigate the damage. Annual deficits fell after that, hitting $438 billion in ...
Qiao Baoyun, a professor at the Beijing-based Central University of Finance and Economics, told the Global Times that there is some non-transparent and illegal debt held by local governments that should be tackled and normalized to ensure the rule of law and to serve the country's macro economy.
$5 billion deal creates US government debt superstore ... In the market for US government debt? A transatlantic deal announced Thursday has you covered. CME Group is buying London-based exchange operator NEX for £3.9 billion ($5.5 billion), creating a one-stop shop for purchasers of US debt.
“We anticipate that the general government debt burden will continue to rise from already high levels through 2021, but that deposit inflows will remain sufficient to support Lebanon's large twin-deficits,” the rating agency said in a report on Saturday. “Lebanon's general government debt, which we estimate ...
The United States is entering into another period of sustained government debt financing and the question is, who is going to finance it. Indications are that foreign money is perhaps not as available as it once was, even just a year or so ago. Furthermore, questions are surfacing about how much additional ...


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