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updated Thu. June 2, 2022

Like many new airline pilots, Lascomb earned most of her flight time by flight instructing. While being a flight instructor is a demanding job ... "When you look at the big picture of all of the steps you will accomplish to become an airline pilot, it can be daunting. If you focus on what is in front of you, one check ...

Two near misses with drones have rattled Hawaii airline pilots in recent weeks, and the Federal Aviation Administration confirms they're concerned with the increased number of reported drone sightings nationwide. MOREAdditional LinksPoll. In 2015, the number of reported sightings was about 1,200.
Thousands of US airline pilots carry guns in the cockpit. Why do they do it - and how are they trained? Every year, hundreds of American pilots head to Artesia, New Mexico, to learn new skills. The training lasts 56 hours, spread across five days. Up to 48 people are in each class. They are normal pilots, ...
Shockingly, nearly 80% of plane crashes are the result of pilot error. Although plane crashes are very rare, they can happen, especially if the pilot is careless before, during, or after takeoff. Here are the 15 deadliest mistakes pilots can make. And sometimes, they cost passengers their lives.
No matter how much you think you know about flying in the modern world, there are probably a few things you never realized about air travel that pilots wish you knew. Are they really sleeping in the cockpit and flying on autopilot? The truth may surprise you. There are airplane myths, and then there are ...
“We're seeing it in the flight school right now with increased enrolments from students who want to become airline pilots,” Isackson said. Those young fliers see a bright future on the horizon. “People don't really realize how good of a job opportunity there is here. I sure didn't for the longest time,” Drzycimski ...
“You OK, Honey?” I asked immediately after the 172 had taken a respectable shot of turbulence. The Cessna responded with a quick 30-degree roll to the right before I could correct. After a second or two of silence, my wife replied over the intercom, “Yeah, I'm fine.” Even though she was seated directly ...


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