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updated Tue. February 6, 2024

Sir, I am grateful to Matt Ridley for explaining the free-trade argument in favour of Brexit (“Corbyn's customs union would hurt the poor”, Feb 26). There is certainly a case to be made. However, free trade is an academic ideal that is elusive in practice. Free trade requires a degree of reciprocity if it is to be ...

It should also be mentioned, Liebrecht continues, that the historian Barbara Tuchman said that Arendt “defended Eichmann to defend Heidegger.” Liebrecht also said: “When Heidegger turned 80, his former students, including Arendt, were asked to write about him, and she wrote a text that exonerated him, ...
But then, writers since the first world war had seen the 14th century as an instructive, even consoling comparison with 20th-century catastrophe, and did so again in 1978 when the American historian Barbara Tuchman, in her book A Distant Mirror, likened the “violent, tormented, bewildered, suffering and ...
Your birthday buddies for today include: 32nd President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882), historian Barbara W. Tuchman (1912), “We Didn't Start The Fire” lyric subject (British politician sex) John Profumo (1915), actress Vanessa Redgrave (1937), singer-songwriter Phil Collins (1951), and actor Christian Bale ...
Barbara Tuchman wrote about “a period of anguish” with “no sense of an assured future”. No, not 2017; she was talking about the 14th century. It was an age characterised by “a succession of wayward dangers; of . . . pillage, plague, and taxes; of fierce and tragic conflicts, bizarre fates, capricious money, ...
During the digitization process, she discovered, to her surprise, a number of letters sent to her by the renowned historian Barbara Tuchman (1912-1989). Dear Shoshana, Tuchman wrote in December 1967, Thank you so much for the picture – I am delighted to have it as a memento of my adventures and of ...


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