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 Arthur Meier Schlesinger Jr

Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr.

U.S. historian and author, born in Columbus, Ohio, 1917 ; presidential special assistant and speech writer 1961-64; professor of humanities City University of 1966 ('The Age of Jackson', 1946; Pulitzer prize, 1966 ('The Age for history; 'The Age of Roosevelt', 3 vols.; 'A Thousand Days', 1965 National Book Award and 1966 Pulitzer prize for biography; 'The Imperial Presidency'; 'Robert F. Kennedy and His Times'). logo
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One of the few dissenting voices against the idea of consensus in these years was a young Harvard professor by the name of Arthur Meier Schlesinger Jr. Schlesinger was an outspoken liberal, and so he was not, like Hofstadter, critical of liberalism's ascendance. But as the son of a Progressive historian, ...


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