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updated Sat. July 6, 2024

I have a Ph.D. in comparative literature and am a product of public schools — K-12 and post-secondary education institutions. I have worked exclusively at ... Caplan admits early on to being one of the out-of-touch professors with no real understanding of the “real world.” But then he spends a lot of time ...
Matthew Hart, associate professor of English and comparative literature and member of the former Task Force, said that OGP should have a stronger focus on academia but questioned ... “It is impossible to see how OGP can effectively do this work without the input and oversight of trained professors.”.

Lydia Liu, director of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, works with a group to analyze harassment in online spaces, a project which she said has the ability to generate tangible ... Lemann said that it will be up to professors who want to participate in this research to volunteer independently.
Also, three IU Bloomington faculty members have been named as Provost Professors: Fritz Breithaupt and John Kruschke in the College of Arts and Sciences ... Royce is Chancellor Professor of anthropology and comparative literature and holds adjunct appointments in folklore and ethnomusicology, the ...
Co-instructed by Stanford professors Blakey Vermeule and Susan Stephens, a new massive open online course examines the history of sports at ... on the economics of sports; Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, a professor of comparative literature who analyzes the sports experience through aesthetics; the Rev.
It's true that much of the scholarship that professors in the humanities produce is micro-focused and barely relevant to larger social concerns. .... art history majors went from 63 to 36; anthropology majors went from 126 to 43; comparative literature majors went from 48 to 16; and classics majors from 41 to 26 ...

Dr. Freida Ekotto '86 is chair of the Department of Afroamerican and African Studies and professor of comparative literature at the University of Michigan. ... In nominating her for Baccalaureate speaker, students noted that Coggins “is one of the best professors on campus,” and “will be able to inspire the ...
Marta Figlerowicz, professor of comparative literature and English, and Ayesha Ramachandran, professor of comparative literature, are co-instructors of the Self Class, which is at once a ... The “self” might be different, for example, when considered on Facebook rather than a diary page, note the professors.
Dr. Andrew H. Clark is among the most reputable professors in Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC). His interests in social justice and his significant ... In addition to those positions, Dr. Clark is also a professor of French and Comparative Literature at FCLC. He also received an award for participating ...
... a special screening of Happyness, followed by a discussion on inequality and wealth with professors Elaine Hadley, Ken Warren, and Allen Sanderson. ... Yoon Sun Yang, an assistant professor of Korean and Comparative Literature at Boston University (and former Ph.D. student at UChicago) will be ...

“I use technology a lot in my teaching,” said Larson, who also serves as Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies for the department of English and Comparative Literature. “There's kind of always something up on the screen.” Larson, who teaches English 105 in addition to undergraduate literature and ...
Kallet earned her bachelor's in English and French from Tufts University in Massachusetts and her master's and doctorate in comparative literature from ... Kallet got more involved with literature and poetry as an undergraduate at Tufts, where she had poets as professors, many of whom she developed ...
According to Dennis Washburn, the former AMES chair and an Asian studies, comparative literature and film and media professor, the restructure is a response to governance issues within AMES and AMELL, as the new programs will be able to appoint more of their own professors rather than relying on ...
It will ensure that their work is treated with the respect and dignity we aim to share with them and with our undergraduate students as their professors. ... The author is the William Peterfield Trent professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia and a professor in the Institute for Research on ...
It will ensure that their work is treated with the respect and dignity we aim to share with them and with our undergraduate students as their professors. ... The author is the William Peterfield Trent professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia and a professor in the Institute for Research on ...
Throughout the years, the department has run a graduate program and maintained an active program of visiting scholars, professors and lecturers. ... the Center's director of undergraduate studies, said that as the Humanities Center, the department had offered comparative literature to graduate students as ...
... majoring in comparative literature may never hear a contemporary defense of analytic “structures.” Students can graduate with an ideology formed by a curriculum structured to show only one perspective. Even if professors and graduate students are more familiar and engaged in the differences between ...
Kopp drew ire last spring from some students and faculty after announcing the decision to suspend admission into the theater arts, comparative literature and cinema arts departments, and the consolidation of several language disciplines. Hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students and professors ...
Hundreds of arts and cultural workers — including professors, prominent artists, and administrators — have signed a petition supporting the parole of ... at Columbia University and former Black Panther Party member; Emily Apter, a Professor of French and Comparative Literature at New York University; the ...
Several professors and a graduate student, along with an audience of more than 100 others, took on the immigration issue during an evening forum at Old ... its corporations and its people in general often have a hand in those issues, said Mohja Kahf, a professor of comparative literature and member of an ...


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