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updated Mon. December 19, 2022

Russia has developed a new generation of heavy intercontinental ballistic missile called Sarmat (Satan), which is hypersonic and equipped with ... The BKS, Dochka, Draganof, Kalashnikov rifles, 23 millimeter ZU23, IGLA (SA-18) anti-plane weapons, mortar shells, Katyusha, and Grad weapons that were ...

The weapons, which include BKS, Dochka, Draganof and Kalashnikov rifles, as well as 23 millimeter ZU-23, IGLA (SA-18) anti-plane weapons, mortar shells, Katyusha rockets and Grad weapons were handed to U.S. bases in Bulgaria and Romania. From there, they were transported to terror group's ...
A demonstration of a shoulder-launched SA-18 surface-to-air (SAM) missile at the Russian Rostec stand during the first day of the LAAD Latin America Aero Defence and Security Fair, the biggest in Latin America, with the participation of exhibitors from around the world, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on April 9, ...
Experts said Thursday that the terrorists used the Russian-made anti-tank missile 9M113 Konkurs during the attack. Also, FSA fighters said Wednesday that they seized Russian-made MANPADS from YPG terrorists in Afrin. The FSA's Samarkand Brigade captured the SA-18 Igla MANPADS near Cinderes ...
Turkish Armed Forces seized a large number of weapons, ammunition and an SA-18 air defense missile from terrorists in Syria's Afrin region. ... In total, one SA-18 air defense missile, four Kalashnikovs, two machine guns, two RPG-7 rocket launchers, four missile launchers, a sniper rifle, three guns, one ...


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