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Patriot Air and Missile Defense System

is the world's most advanced ground-based air defense system.

Patriot is a long-range, high-altitude, all-weather system designed to defeat advanced threats, including aircraft, tactical ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. Combat proven during Operation Desert Storm, Patriot can simultaneously engage multiple targets under the most severe electronic countermeasure conditions. Since Operation Desert Storm, the United States Department of Defense has invested over $3.0 billion to further improve and extend Patriot ground equipment performance.

Multifunction phased array radar, track-via-missile guidance, and automated operations - including man-in-the-loop (human) override - are the key features of the Patriot system. In addition to the phased array radar, a Patriot Fire Unit is deployed with an engagement control station, an electronic power plant vehicle, an antenna mast group for communications, and up to sixteen remote launching stations. Each launcher contains four ready-to-fire Patriot missiles.

Patriot's lower-tier air defense against tactical ballistic missiles is part of a two-tier U.S. defense against this escalating threat. Internationally, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Taiwan, and Greece field the system.

Patriot Missile

Patriot Missile

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updated Fri. December 30, 2022

So far, 14 other countries have the Patriot missile system. Other countries, such as Sweden or Switzerland, also announced their respective deals with the U.S. last year. Air defenses are currently an important issue in the Baltic states since NATO planners stated that Russia could use Kaliningrad and ...

The first series of Patriot missiles was approximately seven feet long and had a speed that exceeded Mach 3, and had a range of forty-three miles. The two-thousand-pound missile had a forty-three-pound blast-fragmentation high-explosive warhead designed to destroy enemy aircraft and missiles by ...
On Wednesday, Poland signed a deal with the U.S. to buy Raytheon Co's Patriot missile defense system for $4.75 billion (3.8 billion euros), in hopes of protecting itself against an emboldened Russia. Turkey, which has signed deals with Russia to purchase the S-400 missile defense system, may also ...
The Patriot missile interceptor doesn't work, but Raytheon still makes billions ... A March 25 missile attack launched on Saudi Arabia by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen provided another test of the US-built Patriot missile system, which it apparently failed—cell phone video shows an interceptor ...
This is the Patriot missile defense system that just 'failed catastrophically' in Saudi Arabia. Daniel BrownMar 28, 2018, 11.11 PM ... The Saudis attempted to intercept the missiles with five US-made Patriot missile defense systems, but the intercepts appear to have failed. We recently got a chance to see a Patriot system at ...
The evidence is in: the missile defense system that the United States and its allies rely on is a lemon. By Jeffrey Lewis. | March 28, 2018, 3:10 PM. A Patriot Surface-to Air missile system displayed at the US airbase in Osan, south of Seoul on Oct. 12, 2008. (KIM JAE-HWAN/AFP/Getty Images). On March 25 ...
Modernizing its forces, Poland has signed the largest weapons procurement deal in its history, agreeing with the U.S. to buy Raytheon's (NYSE:RTN) Patriot missile defense system for $4.75B. The NATO member has sped up efforts to overhaul its armory following Russia's annexation of the Crimea ...
The Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh has endured semi-frequent bombardments from Yemeni rebels' ballistic missiles, launched in retaliation for the Saudis' aerial intervention in the Yemenis' ongoing civil war. And the Saudis' U.S.-made Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) kinetic interceptors recently ...
Turkey has said that it is continuing talks with the US over buying Patriot missile systems, while trying to iron out a number of issues between the two NATO allies. "I can say that our discussions with the US regarding Patriot missile system are continuing," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy told a news ...


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