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updated Tue. November 22, 2022

India hasn't been given a lot of credit as a military power. Given that Mahatma Ghandi is highly revered for his advocacy of non-violence, it seems ironic that India has quietly become a significant military power in Asia. This is evidenced best by the Indian Air Force. When it comes to air-power, India is hard ...

TAI has a campaign underway in Poland, where Warsaw is looking for a fleet of new attack helicopters to replace its Mil Mi-24 Hinds. The rotorcraft has also received significant interest in Bahrain, but it seems likely that the first customer could be Pakistan, where the helicopter has been put through its ...
Image source: Jakub Halun via Wikimedia Commons. Russia's most famous helicopter (albeit not its best-selling -- see below) is growing as well. Owing in part to Russia's recent military buildup, 918 Mi-24 Hinds are in service globally today, up 21 from last year. The Hind still commands 5% global market ...
Joseph Stevens. logged in via Facebook. Hate to inform you, but Mi-24 Hinds and Mi-18 Hip helicopters do not form part of the British military arsenal, since they originate in Russia… Your image therefore is some contingent of Russian military, or military that uses their equipment, not the British military!
In addition, the deputy minister stressed Hungary has excellent capabilities in upgrading and repairing former Soviet equipment, from automatic rifles to armoured vehicles, something which is very useful in Africa. Hungary needs to replace its fleet of seven Russian-built Mil Mi-24 'Hinds', which reached the ...
The Battlehawk, would provide the UAE forces with a combat support capability as well as a personnel lift capability to for combat personnel, much like the Russian Mi-24 Hinds, Barrie said. "[The kit] would make it a weaponized utility helicopter, which goes some of the way of being an attack helicopter, but ...
According to Gazeta Wyborcza, one of the leading Polish dailies, the military officials claim that Mi-24 Hinds no longer have a high combat value. The trends in development of the assault helicopters are quite different from the concept that was driving the development progress of Mi-24 which could be ...
At least 10 other Ukrainian aircraft — all of them significantly lower-flying than a Boeing 777 — have been shot down since the rebels started using MANPADS according to a count kept by military aviation expert David Cenciotti, including five Mi-24 Hinds, two Mi-8 helicopters, one An-2, one An-30, and the ...


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