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updated Sat. February 3, 2024

But the GSDF has yet to restart flights for AH-64D attack helicopters after the fatal accident was caused by an AH-64D chopper. Speaking to reporters at the prefectural government office, Saga Gov. Yoshinori Yamaguchi said he wants the GSDF to carry out its operations while considering the feelings of ...

“The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Netherlands of items and services to support the upgrade/remanufacture of AH-64D Block II Apache Attack Helicopters to the AH-64E configuration for an estimated cost of $1.191 billion,” the State ...
The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of a possible foreign military sale (FMS) of items and services to the Government of Netherlands. With an estimated value of $1.191bn, the sale will support the upgrade or development of 28 AH-64D Block II Apache attack ...
The Royal Netherlands Air Force is cleared by the US State Department to buy 28 remanufactured Boeing AH-64E helicopters worth a total of $1.19 billion, the US government announced on 20 February. The deal calls for remanufacturing the RNLAF's 28 AH-64D airframes to the Echo-model standard.
The GSDF will resume from next Thursday the operations of helicopters at Metabaru Camp, except for the same type of aircraft involved in the accident -- an AH-64D attack helicopter. It also said its helicopters will not fly over the accident-hit residential area. Lt. Gen. Goro Yuasa, commander of the GSDF's ...
MELBOURNE, Australia ― Singapore has confirmed it is using the Boeing AH-64D Apache attack helicopter in an air defense role, as part of the Southeast ... In response to queries from Defense News, Singapore's Defence Ministry said “the AH-64D is one of the platforms the Air Defence Task Force can ...
The Israeli Defense Forces on Feb. 10 brought down what they identified as an Iranian UAV in Israeli territory, and a trailer. (Israel Defense Ministry). A frontline Israeli F-16I was destroyed on Saturday after it came under heavy attack by Syrian-based anti-aircraft missiles during a round of strikes and ...
A Ground-Self Defense Force AH-64D attack helicopter crashed into a house in Kanzaki, Saga Prefecture, earlier this week, killing its two crew members, injuring a resident of the house, and setting it and an adjacent home on fire. The crash could have caused far more serious damage since the area has a ...
Kuwait has secured approval to advance a possible intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) fleet acquisition comprising four modified Beechcraft King Air 350ERs. Worth a potential $259 million, the purchase would introduce a new capability for Kuwait, which Flight Fleets Analyzer shows as ...
The AH-64D Longbow Apache (LBA) is a 2-engine, 4-bladed, tandem-seat attack helicopter with 30mm cannon, Hydra 70 2.75-inch rockets, laser, and Radio Frequency HELLFIRE missiles. (Army). No. 1 is easy: Apache helicopters. Dudes, Apaches wreck shop on tanks like it's a national pastime.


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