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updated Sat. January 7, 2023

The guerrillas immediately murdered one of the pilots, Tommy Janis, and a Colombian Army sergeant, Luis Alcides Cruz, an observer mandated by law to accompany these American-operated flyover missions, dubbed “Econ-Recon” because they were low-budget operations. The three remaining ...

Pilot Tommy Janis and a Colombian army sergeant, Luis Alcedes Cruz, were shot dead by the rebels. None of the three survivors know why. A recovery team later found the bodies beside the plane. Stansell, 44, of Bradenton, Florida, was mission chief, and Howes, 55, was co-pilot. Both were veterans of ...
From Tommy Janis's tone, you wouldn't have known that anything serious was wrong. He was our pilot on the mission, and he had flown all kinds of aircraft all around the world. Tommy J. was a real larger-than-life guy with more stories to tell than I have hairs on my head -- and I've as full and thick a mane ...


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