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updated Sun. January 28, 2024

Un omicidio firmato da professionisti che, il 29 marzo 1988, scosse la Francia e il Sud Africa nero che combatteva la sua guerra contro il regime ... ammise di avere architettato l'omicidio di Dulcie September, svelando che uno dei killer era Jean-Paul Guerrier, un mercenario vicino a Bob Denard, uno dei ...

This concerns claims by the anti-hunger and graft NGO Survie that the notorious French mercenary Bob Denard who staged several coup d'Etats in Africa came to the assistance of the Hutu-led ... The paper says the rules of the mercenaries' engagement were quote "you are no covered, bonne chance".
Much of modern-day public opinion about mercenaries is still colored by adventures of Robert Denard, a French solider and mercenary, famous for his involvement in numerous “jobs” in support of Francafrique – France's sphere of influence in its former colonies in Africa. One of Denard's typical operations ...
The presidential guard was, in fact, the personal army of Bob Denard, a notorious French mercenary and agent of French colonialism in Africa after World War II. (The Associated ... Oh, but Bancroft doesn't employ mercenaries, company founder Michael Stock told The New York Times. "Mercenary activity is ...
The French courts never worked it out, and in 1999 acquitted Mr Denard for lack of evidence. His long dark history as a mercenary in Africa, from 1961 onwards, had blurred everything about him. His name was Bob Denard, or Gilbert Bourgeaud, or Colonel Bako, or Mustafa M'hadjou. The wound that made ...
The French mercenary, Bob Denard, has died, his family says. He had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. "I confirm that he has died," his sister Georgette Garnier told Reuters. Denard, 78, was notorious for leading coups in Africa, including four in the Comoros Islands - the most recent of which was in ...


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