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updated Mon. July 15, 2024

25, the Iraqi National Assembly moved against Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi in a vote of no confidence, held in secret because of continued ... During al-Obeidi's tenure, the Iraqi parliament has twice opened investigations into corruption charges against him regarding defense procurement contracts.

Sargon Slewa, the Minister of Environment and a member of the Iraqi Parliament and of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, one of the largest political parties that represents Assyrians and other Christians in Iraq, requested the establishment of a province in the Nineveh Plain, pursuant to a study of the ...
The Iraqi National Assembly has voted in favor of the amendment, which allows Turkmen, Syriac and Assyrian minorities to use their languages in their conducts in ... Iraqi parliament's Culture and Media Committee chairman Ali al-Shelah said the amendments will contribute to the democratization of Iraq.
As it turned, out, the Iraqi National Assembly has 85 women in a total of 275 members following elections held Dec. 15, 2005. But that has not ... Female members of the new Iraqi Parliament take little part in major political decisions or when it comes to forming committees. Many female members were ...


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