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updated Tue. May 14, 2024

An Iraqi airstrike in Syria on April 19 has killed 36 Islamic State militants, including some of the group's leaders inSyria, an Iraqi military spokesman told ... Iran over Syria, the Israeli air force cancelled plans to send F-15 fighter jets to take part in the U.S.-hosted exercise Red Flag, which begins on April 30.

In Niger alone, the Pentagon in the past few years has doubled the number of United States troops, to about 800 — not to conduct unilateral combat missions ... “The base, and the more frequent flights that its opening will allow, will give us far more situational awareness and intelligence on a region that has ...
Since Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein was toppled in the US-led invasion of 2003, the constitution has vested key powers in the prime minister, a post ... Two of the favorites topping the lists were among the architects of victory against Daesh, which in 2014 seized a third of Iraq's territory in a lightning ...
Saul Bosquez, who was wounded in Iraq, fields a hard grounder during a game between the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team and a local team of ... The team, comprised entirely of U.S. military veterans who have suffered amputations, played at Loriella Park in Spotsylvania County on Sunday.
The Iraqi officer explained that PMF units are commonly located around Iraqi army bases “to monitor” the army. “If they see any movements that they view as threatening to themselves, or to Iran, they can move against us,” he said. One might wonder why such clarity about the role of the PMF and Iran's influence in Iraq ...
The airstrike came after the UK and France joined Donald Trump in a US-led attack in Damascus against the Assad regime. Iraq's latest missile campaign comes after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi indicated he may engage more heavily in military interventions against ISIS in Syria, threatening the ...
WASHINGTON DC (Kurdistan 24) State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert on Thursday reaffirmed the US commitment to a “unified, democratic, federal, and prosperous Iraq, with a stable and viable Iraqi Kurdistan Region.” Nauert made the statement as she read a summary of the visit to Erbil and ...
President Fuad Masum says no decision has been made for Iraq to host permanent American military bases, stressing that Baghdad will not allow for the country to turn into a launch pad for any military aggression against neighboring Iran. In an interview with Iranian Arabic-language al-Alam news network, ...
The Turkish army has established new bases in northern Iraqi regions cleared of PKK terrorists. ... The PKK, which is listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and the EU, waged a terror campaign against Turkey for more than 30 years and has been responsible for the death of nearly 40,000 ...



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