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updated Sat. January 27, 2024

I want to thank our mediators from the National Mediation Board and our negotiators from ALPA and Spirit." The ratification of this agreement represents three years of contract negotiations, including nearly two years at the bargaining table with the assistance of the NMB. "I want to congratulate the Spirit ...

20 certification of the results from the National Mediation Board. PAFCA already represents about 420 flight dispatchers at United Airlines and roughly 415 dispatchers at Delta Airlines. The union isn't affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Spirit Airlines' 1,800 pilots are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association.
If the National Mediation Board agrees, airport workers who want to unionize will have to do so in large nationwide groups, instead of smaller units doing the same job in the same airport or terminal. “These are employees that voted to join a union to try to improve the terms and conditions of their jobs,” ...
United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz may soon have another labor union in the United family of more than 87,000 employees. More than 2,000 employees in United's company-operated catering kitchens have just filed for a union election with the National Mediation Board, the government agency responsible ...
The two sides met with the National Mediation Board January 3–12 at ALPA's headquarters in Herndon, Va., where they reached the Agreement in Principle that became this TA. Founded in 1931, ALPA is the world's largest pilot union, representing more than 59,000 pilots at 33 airlines in the United States ...
Miramar-based discount carrier Spirit Airlines has reached a tentative contract with its 1,800 pilots that includes pay raises, job security provisions and a lift in insurance benefits, the pilots' union announced Wednesday. The agreement, which faces a vote next month by Spirit members of Air Line Pilots ...
The National Mediation Board (NMB) has named two new board members: Gerald Fauth III and Kyle Fortson. ... The National Mediation Board is an independent federal agency established by the Railway Labor Act, which governs labor-management relations of nearly 500 railroads and 100 airlines in the ...


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