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Upon return, Valenti decided to leave Planet Beach to open a boutique near Lakeside Mall in New Orleans. Her vision was to create a franchise of her own; however, times were difficult due to the recession in 2008. “After Hurricane Gustav, people were just not walking through the door and I was doing all ...

The fort reopened in May of 2008 after extensive restoration and repairs. But Fort Pike would not get a break. Hurricane Gustav roared through with another big wall of water just three months later, again inundating the fort and causing more damage. Pike was closed once again until the following June.
The money was awarded to the parish in the wake of Hurricane Gustav. Amended a contract with the Arcadis engineering firm to manage federal funds awarded after the August 2016 floods to replace the Island Road bridge over Williams Creek and the Plettenburg Road bridge over Polly Creek. Voted to ...
Louisiana evacuees creep northward away from the path of Hurricane Gustav Sunday, Aug. 31, 2008, in the contraflowed southbound lane of U.S. 55 about 10 miles south of Brookhaven, Miss. The influx of evacuees into Brookhaven ? the first city after the contraflow ends ? caused some church-based ...
One of the latest Hurricane Harvey conspiracy theories making the rounds on social media is a meme that links other major storms including Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Issac making landfall on August 29 in the United States. Some people sharing the post are now even predicting the ...
The original Facebook post showed up on my newsfeed Tuesday night when it was shared by a well-meaning friend. By Wednesday afternoon, it had been shared by nearly 270,000 people. But the information in this post is confusing, and may actually be wrong. So what's the problem here? Four hurricane ...
Gustav hit western Cuba with winds of 150mph, damaging or destroying 100,000 homes on Saturday before moving on to the coast of Louisiana. Mr Castro, 82, said the Isla de la Juventud, the country's second-biggest island, was worst hit. The hurricane knocked out all but two of its 16 bakeries and the ...
Hurricane Gustav, with winds topping 110 miles per hour, slammed into southern Louisiana Monday morning but with far less fury than feared. The eye of the storm made landfall more than 70 miles west of flood-prone New Orleans. Gustav, downgraded to a Category 1 by Monday afternoon, was still ...
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) -- Hurricane Gustav didn't pack the wallop of Katrina three years earlier, officials said Monday, but they urged almost 2 million evacuees to stay away ... A man walks past a storefront that collapsed as Hurricane Gustav passed through Lafayette, Louisiana, on Monday.
9 a.m.: The weather system that will become Hurricane Gustav forms as a tropical depression in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Noon: The tropical depression quickly strengthens over warm Caribbean waters and becomes tropical storm Gustav, with maximum winds of 60 miles (96 kilometers) an hour.


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