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updated Mon. February 12, 2024

TransBox provides users with complete control all of shareable data (email, chatting, social network service, cloud accounts) in a powerful data encryption. It is remarkable, that TransBox offers users data remote destruction after conversations and file shares as well, all contents can be destroyed remotely.

The connection between your computer and the VPN server is encrypted. That means that anyone attempting to look at the data being sent to and from your computer (even your ISP) will find that they can't because none of it is sent as plain text. Only your computer and the VPN server have the encryption ...
The data are encrypted, but the cipher key is stored inside the RAM of the mobile device itself. This allowed the researchers to decrypt the data using a technique developed by Indian researchers L.P. Gudipaty and K.Y. Jhala. Note: The method Garimella and Tyson used only allowed them to access data ...
The Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure solution builds on the NetApp Data Fabric software approach, which simplifies and integrates data management across the cloud and on premises to accelerate digital transformation. On top of having more granular data encryption and keeping keys separate, customers ...
Another emerging security approach would combine IoT with blockchain cryptography. The IoT survey found that 46 percent of respondents are considering blockchain technology to secure their IoT deployments. Along with data encryption, early investors are looking to the distributed ledger technology as ...
Properly implemented encryption is critical to being able to attain, claim and then maintain compliance with GDPR. The regulations are focused on protecting the personal data of EU citizens and when that data is held in digital form, the only effective method of protecting it is to ensure it is encrypted both at ...
Thankfully, modern iPhones and Android phones will automatically encrypt your data as long as you use a PIN or password, so you need to worry about enabling the feature only on your desktop and laptop computers. If you have an Android phone with an SD card, however, you can enable encryption for ...


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