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updated Tue. May 28, 2024

... it... so media is one lifecycle management process that we undertake. The other is file format preservation. It's not backup, scanning or digitisation, all of which can – and does – get confused with the term digital preservation. It's about migrating the file formats into the most preservable version at that point.

If you convert MP3 or MP4 file formats, you won't wait for too long. Permute. This is another software product developed by FuelCollective with the aim to allow Mac users to convert different files. The converter app is able to convert your favorite videos to any format you wish. To do this, you just need to ...
This lack of a standard requires lighting console manufacturers to support and maintain a complex web of file formats, also making it difficult for designers to leverage CAD files into consoles and link CAD software to previsualization software. GDTF creates a common data exchange language that will be ...
3MF is solving a major industry interoperability issue by providing beam lattice support, which is not always addressed well in other 3D file formats. There are many benefits to using 3MF's Beam Lattice Extension, such as lower production times and material costs and improved flexibility in design.
Even though FLV files are pretty common at this point, MP4s remain as the leader of video file formats for most electronic devices. If you do have a FLV file though and are trying to convert FLV to MP4, luckily it's pretty easy to do. For your convenience, we've put together a guide on how to convert FLV to ...
My recent article on the importance of graphic design got a lot of hits, so I thought I would expand on it with some tips for those of you who are determined to do your own graphics. Previously, I have written on Fonts, Colors and Images. In this article I explore the tricky subject of File Formats. This subject ...
... many ways to convert M4A to MP3. Below you find converting the two file formats with both online programs as well as software. ... used file format converters online. With the ability to convert more than 300 different file formats, Online Audio Converter allows you to simply convert your favorite M4A files.
Microsoft has updated Simplygon, an optimization tool for 3D models that the company acquired in 2017, with added support for two of the most common Computer Aided Design (CAD) file types. CAD professionals will now find support for JT and STEP file formats in the latest version of Simplygon, opening ...
Technology changes rapidly and file formats quickly become outdated and not supported. The intent is that PDF/A should be a standard open format that allows the viewing of the documents in their original format for a long time into the future. The history of updates to the PDF/A standard are as follows:.
... SDKs to access the data. MS complexities and innovations, and also dreams of Big Data science, have put pressure on older data standards like AIA/netCDF format, which was the de-facto standard in the industry. So, there are initiatives for those to be superseded by newer, more capable file formats.


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