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updated Wed. May 1, 2024

"It would've been a very easy fix for [Wright] to just stay a few minutes after 5 o'clock and accept that filing," Lovett said last year, adding that Wright had been "derelict" in her duties. He could not be ... The irony, Wright said, is that the agenda “doesn't have to be stamped before it's posted.” “It's just a good ...

To help minimise stress in important exams, he has suggested switching to digital clocks. As a maths teacher and a parent, I know that one of the requirements in the key stage 1 curriculum is for children to be taught how to read a traditional clock face. On questioning friends, teachers and students, I found ...
At this year's competition in March, students from one Chicago school were inspired by a subject readers of the Bulletin are familiar with: the Doomsday Clock. Drawing on the Clock's history, the Senn High School team cast new metaphors for concerns like school shootings, police brutality, and the water ...
What lifts Notorious above the level of good thriller is the lead characters' internal conflicts and the story's ironic suspense. To set these up, ... Hitchcock's formula for suspense is a high-adrenaline blend of ticking-clock danger and dramatic irony, both of which are amply seen in Notorious. First, the ticking ...
But without resorting to the stopped-clock metaphor—not something we need worry about in John, as Nancy Robinette's daffy innkeeper, Mertis, interrupts her other pulse-quickening household chores to wind her grandfather clock not once, but several times—I must acknowledge that even philistines are ...
The many, many, many telenovela tropes ... version of The Passions of Santos, the discussion of important and beloved telenovela tropes has been at an all-time high — so, we should've expected that Jane would deploying some of those very same tropes. ... And you know what's a huge telenovela trope?


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