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updated Thu. May 9, 2024

McCormack said that the cases were from the 1950s and did not protect the specimens from exposure and pests. McCormack ... Polansky said that one plan is to turn the loading dock behind the Moore Lab into a space for the marine biology department to store equipment and specimens. He said that it ...

Following the park board's decision, the aquarium maintained the ban would have an adverse effect on the operation, including the loss of a long-term home for rescued, non-releasable cetaceans, as well as a loss of funds to operate the marine mammal rescue program. “The matters raised in our petition ...
Blue Reef Aquarium was left “overwhelmed” by the response to its Christmas towel appeal. ... Blue Reef's facility for rehabilitating the seals had been full since November. Once the appeal for help ... An aquarium spokesman said: “Thank you to everyone who has donated towels to our marine rescue centre.
"They are coming back, big time," Darryl Deleske, aquarist for the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in Los Angeles, told the newspaper. "It's a huge difference," Deleske said. "A couple of years ago, you wouldn't find any. I dove all the way as far as Canada, specifically looking for sea stars, and found not a single ...
Innovation is also moving fast in the techniques need to create new corals and successfully deploy them on reefs. One breakthrough is the reproduction of the entire complex life cycle of spawning corals in a London aquarium, which is now being scaled up in Florida and could see corals planted off that ...
Since we started I've seen more and more interest in tank-bred fish in the industry, not just from a sustainability point of view, but because tank-bred fish are a better product; acclimatised to aquarium life and not carrying pests or disease in from the wild.” The West Sussex hatchery offers a selection of ...
Motti said current methods of controlling crown of thorns starfish -- which include humans diving into the reef and injecting the organisms with ox bile, an acidic by-product of the cow slaughtering process which kills the pest -- are less efficient and potentially damaging to the environment, and that the snail ...
Scientists are onsite doing marine biological research in the lab while visitors view 100-plus species of sea creatures in the aquarium. Check out the two touch tanks, resident manatees Hugh and Buffett, the 135,000-gallon shark habitat, the rotating exhibits (Sea Debris: Awareness Through Art , on exhibit ...
Researchers say the discovery can be used to create pheromone lures that attract the marine pest in large numbers and make them easier to remove. ... specimens collected from the Great Barrier Reef and Okinawa, then conducted experiments by releasing the pheromone in an aquarium environment.


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