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updated Tue. October 25, 2022

Two other interesting pieces about migrants' challenges: The Atlantic examines Israel's hostility towards African migrants, and Al Jazeera reveals findings about systematic racism within ... China looks set to integrate AI into nuclear submarines in an effort to make its submarine force more effective.
China is working to update the rugged old computer systems on nuclear submarines with artificial intelligence to enhance the potential thinking skills of ... While a nuclear submarine depends on the skill, experience and efficiency of its crew to operate effectively, the demands of modern warfare could ...

A gunmetal gray nuclear submarine sits silently on the ocean floor, 100 kilometers off North Korea's Mayang-Do Naval Base at Sinpo, in the Sea of Japan. ... Bitzinger is a senior fellow and coordinator of the Military Transformations Program at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore.
The Novembers were initially designed with a strategic purpose in mind. The Soviets worked on a long-range nuclear armed torpedo (dubbed T-15), which could strike NATO naval bases from ranges of up to 40km. The torpedo was so large that each submarine could only carry a single weapon. However ...
... Electric Boat will continue to lead critical aspects of the Columbia-class development effort, including design, material procurement, construction and operating-cost reduction, to achieve an affordable and effective program," Electric Boat president Jeffrey S. Geiger said in the statement earlier last month.

On a more human level, it would be interesting to go back in time to World Wars I and II, where a constant refrain of the sailors and airmen who hunted subs was the sheer tedium of the search. Hour after hour after hour of scanning the oceans, in the hope that a needle in the haystack would reveal itself as a ...
The conspiracy theory is that the Scorpion was somehow caught up in some kind of Cold War skirmish, and that the Soviet flotilla had sunk the sub. An unusually high number of submarines were sunk in 1968, including the Israeli submarine Dakar, the French submarine Minerve, and the Soviet submarine ...

Copy or not my hat off for Iranians, these guys are under sanctions and cant buy a bullet but somehow they managed to redesign our capture drones not like our ally Israel sucking all our tax payers money for Bibi`s lavish life style. This Is the Human Driving Manifesto - The Drive. Green8Ball. 16h.
Britain's nuclear submarine fleet is susceptible to a cyberattack directed by other countries or intelligence networks, according to a U.K. security think-tank. Such a cyberattack could neutralise operations, lead to loss of life, defeat or perhaps even the catastrophic exchange of nuclear warheads (directly or ...
The United States may have two nuclear submarines positioned near North Korea, able to strike at the reclusive regime if necessary. ... against those reports, in a joint press conference with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump insisted he hadn't specifically mentioned Israel during the incident.
... threats posed by North Korea and Iran, ignoring well-known realities and downplaying the U.S.'s own previous intelligence assessments, notes Ted Snider. .... Ayatollah Khamenei has authorized his top commander to coordinate military operations with the U.S., and the Israeli media reported in 2014 that ...
Russian attempts to court Pakistan, India`s hostile western neighbor, in the last two weeks support such a conclusion. .... According to SIPRI, Russia supplied India with 68 percent of its weapons imports, compared to 14 percent from the United States and 8 percent from Israel, between 2012 and 2016.


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