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updated Wed. October 4, 2023

HAZOR AIR BASE, Israel ― More than 2,500 U.S. troops have taken part in the Juniper Cobra joint exercise with Israeli Defense Forces, which concludes Thursday. ... Contingency plans could be activated at any moment, with U.S. forces arriving in Israel from Europe, officers from both countries explained.

HAZOR AIR BASE, Israel — During a press briefing at Hatzor Air Force base in southern Israel ahead of the 9th Juniper Cobra, chief of the Israeli Air Defense ... The joint exercise between the Israel Defense Forces' Air Defense Command and the U.S. military is elevated in importance for both Israel and the ...
A visit to Israel's increasingly tense border with Syria makes clear that the ground units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are building their own "air force." The clear ... Miki Bar, former head of the IAF's helicopters group and former commander of the IAF's Palmahim air base, said Feb. 20. The process is a ...
The day's drama began unfolding around 4:00 in the morning, local time, when the IRGC unit deployed at T-4 air base in central Syria launched a stealthy Saeqeh UAV. Approximately 20 minutes later, after cutting the corner through Jordanian air space, the propeller-driven aircraft penetrated Israeli air ...
Manning said the exercise is part of a routine training cycle designed to improve the interoperability of U.S. and Israeli defense systems. More than 2,500 US ... Richard M. Clark, the commander of 3rd Air Force at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, who is the commander for the deploying Joint Task Force Israel.
Israeli satellite images have spotted two Russian Su-57s at its Hmeimim air base in Syria, a country in which Moscow has consistently used as a testing ... Since 2015, when Moscow began lending air support to the regime of President Bashar Assad and carrying out airstrikes across the country, Russia and Israel have ...


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