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updated Sat. May 25, 2024

The first is a plan that was written by the Washington-based Center for New American Security, together with former IDF General Gadi Shamni, who was the commander of Israel's Central Command. The second is a plan written by "Commanders for Israel's Security," an organization consisting of hundreds ...

The media furor over the comments of Israel Defense Forces Maj. Gen. (res.) Gadi Shamni in August – “We have elevated the occupation to the level of art. We are the world champions of occupation” – lasted barely two days. Referring to himself, Shamni added, “I was the general of Central Command ...
Yoav Galant (L), commander of the Israel Defense Forces Southern Command, Gadi Shamni (C), general of the IDF Center Command and Moni Katz (R), the new ... This week came Gen. Gadi Shamni's turn to express remorse for his part in upholding the occupation, while getting his 15 minutes of fame.
An Israeli general says Israel should start implementing a new multi-layered security system that could help pave the way to a two-state peace deal with the Palestinians and address the fears of many Israelis. Retired Maj. Gen. Gadi Shamni, co-author of a new study on arrangements to provide better ...


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