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updated Tue. April 30, 2024

Iraqi children fill water containers from a hose pipe laid out at a garbage dump in the former Army Rashid base now also a housing slum in southern Baghdad on 25 September 2008 (AFP). AFP's picture. AFP. Saturday 19 September 2015 10:29 UTC. Last update: Saturday 19 September 2015 10:45 UTC. reddit googleplus.

The governor of Baghdad province, Ali al-Tamimi, called for the Rasheed air base, where the plane was bound, to be moved to a non-residential area. Tamimi said he contacted the air force and was told the plane was returning from the Haditha area in Anbar province, which is surrounded by IS.
Shortly after Mosul fell to Islamic State forces in June 2014, Iran began flying Ababil-3 UAVs out of Baghdad's Al Rasheed air base in order to track the jihadists, according to The New York Times. But the flags on the downed Ababil's tail could indicate that Baghdad owns and operates the drones.
In addition, Quds Force personnel set up a headquarters at the al-Rasheed Air Base, on the outskirts of Baghdad, to operate Iranian Abadil drones over Iraq as well as to intercept communications between IS and its field commanders. At the same time, Hezbollah took on the responsibility of training Iraqi ...
Iranian forces reportedly parked ground control stations at Baghdad's Al Rasheed air base, flying Ababil drones—likely the Ababil-3 series of unmanned aerial vehicle that frequently appear in Syria—around the city's periphery. As the fight against Islamic State has escalated, Iran's Revolutionary Guards ...
He said they were operating out of Rasheed air base in Baghdad. There were more reports of bombing and close air support missions on November 29 and 30 and December 1 and 2 in Iraq. Iranians are supposedly in the air in Salahaddin and flying in support of ongoing ISF and militia operations there.
Like the Iranian drone and intelligence units, the aircraft are based at the Rasheed air base in Baghdad. Similar to the American A-10 aircraft, the Su-25 is designed for ground attacks. It is equipped with a 30-millimeter cannon and armed with rockets and bombs, and it could be effective against ISIS ...
Mounting its own effort, according to American officials, Iran has set up a special control center at Rasheed Air Base in Baghdad and is flying a small fleet of Ababil surveillance drones over Iraq. An Iranian signals intelligence unit has also been deployed at the airfield to intercept electronic communications ...


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