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updated Mon. February 27, 2023

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – Iraq will receive a new batch of F-16 fighter jets over the course of next year, US Air Force Brigadier-General Andrew Croft said on Monday. Speaking to US-based Al-Hurra, Croft stated that 13 F-16 jets would be delivered to the Iraqi air force in 2019, which would bring the total ...

US and Iraqi air force commanders said the coalition will carry out fewer air strikes in support of Iraqi forces and focus more on training Iraqi airmen. Iraq's air force will assume more of the “missions, duties and responsibilities” to maintain the country's hard-fought victories over ISIS, a statement released by ...
In this Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, photo, Iraqi army soldier stand guard near a U.S.-made Iraqi Air Force F-16 fighter jet at the Balad Air Base, 45 miles (75 kilometers) north of Baghdad, Iraq. The U.S.-led coalition is decreasing air support for Iraq following Baghdad's declaration of victory over the Islamic State ...
The CAATT will provide training and advice, as well as assist the Iraqi Army Aviation Command, Iraqi Air Defense Command, and the Iraqi Air Force. ... This will reduce the overall coalition air support as the Iraqi Air Force takes up air missions, duties, and responsibilities required to be adopted to ensure an ...
Beginning in 1978, Iraqi sources claimed that an Iraqi air force MiG-23MS from No. 39 Squadron shot down an Israeli F-15 over western Iraq. Former Iraqi air force officers have repeated the claim over the years without ever offering any evidence. The next supposed F-15 shoot-down, from the spring of ...
Staff Sgt. Dakota Rhine, 442nd Air Expeditionary Squadron noncommissioned officer in charge of the Baghdad aerial port (left) and Staff Sgt. Timothy Riddle, 370th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron air advisor, review revised technical and training manuals with Iraqi Air Force Airmen in Baghdad Jan.
In the 1991 Gulf War the MiG-25 performed better, at least in Iraqi Air Force service. On the very first night of the air war over Iraq a pair of F/A-18Cs from VFA-81, the “Sunliners”, flying off of the USS Saratoga were attacked from beyond visual range by a pair of MiG-25PD Foxbats from the Iraqi 96th Fighter ...
On Feb. 21, 2018, the Iraqi government announced that the Iraqi air force had reopened its academy at Balad air base. U.S. Central Command announced that the Coalition Aviation Advisory and Training Team will help establish standardized training programs. Forty cadets will start their coursework in ...


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