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updated Fri. September 15, 2023

Between the dates of August 29th and September 4th, 2017 Captain Robert “Bob” Bowen and Lieutenant William “Bill” Welch, of the Double Oak Fire Department, voluntarily responded with Task Force 121 to assist the Texas cities of Webster and Port Arthur with recovery from Hurricane Harvey.
As shown in the video above, soldiers from the First Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division together with members of covert special forces team Task Force 121 found the entrance to the bunker, around six feet wide and eight feet deep, sealed with a polystyrene lid hidden under a rug covered with bricks and ...

McRaven is a proponent of the joint approach: early on in the global war on terror, the Pentagon “merged the two commando teams and headquartered the reflagged Task Force 121 [McRaven] in Baghdad,” reported The Washington Post. Indeed, the forces under McRaven's command time and again ...
Over the years, Task Force 121 (and its many incarnations) has gotten little press. When McChrystal was appointed head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan in 2009, Esquire magazine raised a number of questions about his responsibility for the torture and abuse allegations raised against Task Force 121 in Iraq, ...
In a new book to be released this month, Operation Darkheart, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer describes the work of Task Force 121 in 2003, when he was serving as part of a team dubbed the Jedi Knights. Working under the alias of Major Christopher Stryker, he ran operations for the Defense Intelligence Agency (the ...

Task Force 121, which also helped to capture Saddam Hussein under McRaven's command, represents something brand-new in warfare, a pure hybrid of civilian intelligence and military striking power. It is the most ambitious melding yet of CIA assets, Special Forces (mainly the Army's Delta Force) and ...
He also led Task Force 121, which caught Saddam Hussein. Last year, McRaven gave one of the all-time best commencement speeches, ...

... “merged the two commando teams and headquartered the reflagged Task Force 121 [McRaven] in Baghdad,” reported The Washington Post.
At one point, Mike Flynn, McChrystal's intelligence chief for Task Force 121, the joint command running the counter-terror war, was asked the ...
But the man Garlasco is coming to meet has a story about abuses at a secret camp used by Task Force 121, the ultimate Special Ops team, the ...
Originally known as Task Force 121, it was formed in the summer of 2003, ... "It seems clear that TF 121 needs to be reined in with respect to its ...
NEWSWEEK has learned that McRaven is heading up Task Force 121, a covert, miniature strike force with a command structure so secretive ...
The British contingent of TF 121 was Task Force Black, comprising SAS and SBS (Special Boat Service) troops. Other military personnel at Nama included crews of 7 Squadron and 47 Squadron of the RAF and 657 Squadron of the Army Air Corps.
Recall that the Bush-era Task Force 121's primary mission was "the apprehension of High Value Targets and was organized in such a way that it has a close relationship with intelligence personnel (CIA operators are an integral part of the unit) and has ...


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