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updated Tue. May 21, 2024

A recent report on the protest movement in Bahrain found that, after the lifting of restrictions on civil society organisations, activists believe that international pressure on the monarchy is the most important factor for keeping the pro-democracy movement alive. First-hand testimonials from activists provide a ...

One of the worst cases is Bahrain, the Shia-majority kingdom that hosts the U.S. Fifth Fleet in its capital Manama. The monarchy there has long favored the minority Sunnis, establishing a system that some critics have compared to South African apartheid. In 2011, the Arab Spring yielded a vibrant Bahraini ...
A Bahraini court sentenced human rights activist Nabeel Rajab to five years in prison on Wednesday for a series of tweets he posted in 2015. Bahrain's monarchy sees Rajab, who rose to prominence in the failed uprisings of 2011, as a threat to its legitimacy at a time when Iran has intensified its campaign ...
Supporters of the Saudi-led campaign argue that it is necessary to prevent Iran from establishing a beachhead on the Arabian Peninsula through its allies in Yemen, the Houthis. Supporters of Bahrain's Sunni Muslim monarchy similarly argue that the Shiite-dominated opposition is in league with Shiite-led ...
When the Arab Spring came to Bahrain in 2011, protesters took to the streets to demand reform, including a "real" constitutional monarchy, with an elected prime minister independent of the ruling Al-Khalifa family. In response, neighbouring Saudi Arabia intervened to quash the Shia-led protests on behalf ...
DUBAI: Dozens of Shiite protesters took to the streets of Bahrain Wednesday to mark the seventh anniversary of an Arab Spring-inspired uprising, ... has been shaken by unrest since security forces crushed the 2011 protest movement demanding a constitutional monarchy and an elected prime minister.
In the immediate aftermath of the February 2011 uprising, Bahrain's ruling Al Khalifa monarchy played conciliatory. The king established an independent commission to investigate abuses and even accepted its reform recommendations. Death sentences issued by unfair military tribunals were commuted, ...
The BFHR also cited the continued ban on Friday prayers in the village of Diraz as a human rights violation. Diraz harbors many people who favor a reform of the Bahraini monarchy. Since February 2011, Bahrain has been the scene of near-daily protests against the Al Khalifah monarchy, with dozens killed ...


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