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updated Wed. June 29, 2022

Louise Arbour, Speciale Vertegenwoordiger van de Verenigde Naties voor Internationale Migratie, roept nationale overheden op samen te werken om het Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration een succes te maken. Het is volgens Arbour ook een uitgelezen kans om de voordelen van ...

Also speaking, Louise Arbour, Special Representative for International Migration, made clear that in the lead up to the UN's 2018 International Migration Conference in Morocco later this year, the world's “collective focus should remain firmly fixed on how to address the daily realities of migrants and their ...
In 1996, justice Louise Arbour, who would later serve on the Supreme Court of Canada, was appointed as chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda in 1996. Payam Akhavan, a law professor with McGill University, says that what likely makes Canadian ...
McKendrick reports the group spent five days “just talking” about the play, which wades into tough issues like war crimes and torture. The script comes with a foreword by Louise Arbour, former prosecutor for the international criminal tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia, and with warnings of depictions of ...
BRUSSELS — This year's Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is not the right tool to protect climate refugees, the United Nations' special representative said Monday. Louise Arbour told members of the European Parliament in Brussels that despite calls for the compact to recognize “a ...
Louise Arbour, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration, stressed that the benefits of migration greatly outweigh the challenges. Titled 'Facts Instead of Perceptions: Promoting an Evidence-Based Discussion on Migration,' the event highlighted the need for an evidence ...
Diplomatic Avenue is beamed live every month from Al Arabiya's studios in the United Nations. Presented by Talal al-Haj, the show features interviews with high-level diplomats and decision makers, with video reports focusing on recent diplomatic developments and pressing issues. The program casts a ...
Using terms such as “illegal” rather than “irregular” migrants, or “hordes, waves and swarms” rather than simply “large numbers”, conveniently obscures the vulnerabilities that come from being a foreigner, said Louise Arbour, the UN secretary general's special representative for international migration.
It takes a great political leader to make the case for smart policy on migration - drawing on evidence and rational argument while addressing real vulnerabilities and fears, says U.N. Special Representative for International Migration Louise Arbour.


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