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updated Sun. January 22, 2023

Tbilisi Mayor's office will soon open a new park in Tbilisi's Ponichala district, Krtsanisi, dedicated to the victims of occupation. Mayor Kakha Kaladze, his deputies and the district governor looked around the territory where the park arrangement works are underway. Krtsanisi district administration started ...

A member of the Tbilisi City Council (sakrebulo) has been arrested on corruption charges, and may face 7–11 years of jail. Temur Gorgadze, a majoritarian councillor from Krtsanisi District for Georgian Dream, was arrested on 28 February. Investigators say Gorgadze demanded $7,000 in exchange for ...
Georgia's State Security Service has detained a member of Tbilisi City Assembly, Georgian Dream ruling party majoritarian of the Krtsanisi administrative unit Temur Gorgadze. The Security Office reported that Gorgadze demanded from a citizen of Georgia 7,000 USD as a bribe and in return promised to ...
Some of the Georgian graves belong or are related to those brought to Iran in the aftermath of Krtsanisi Battle fought between the Qajars of Iran and the Georgian armies at Krtsanisi near Tbilisi on September 8-11, 1795. Their first burials took place at Vanak Graveyard in north Tehran, but the graves were ...
Yesterday they cycled around Vake, Saburtalo, Didube, Chugureti, Mtatsminda and Nadzaladevi districts while today they will visit Gldani-Nadzaladevi. On December 30, they will bring the New Year's mood to the residents and guests of Isani-Samgori while on December 31 they will visit Krtsanisi district.
According to an environmental impact report published by the Ministry of Environment, 401 trees were scheduled to be cut down in Krtsanisi Forest Park to make way for the new motorway, several of which are protected species. Levan Sukhitashvili, head of the project supervision service of the Municipal ...
Due to the high interest, Georgia's Ministry of Defence said it welcomed the inclusion of independent experts in the investigation of the attempted break-in of the Krtsanisi National Training Centre in the early hours of October 23. The Ministry said it was also ready to let an alternative examination be carried ...
Basel LLC is the Georgian company which owns the real estate and infrastructure of the former Krtsanisi Presidential Residence. Joel Golovensky, a citizen of the USA and of Israel came to Georgia almost 12 years ago together with a real estate developer and financial investor to negotiate the purchase of ...
In April 2016, Cushman & Wakefield | Veritas Brown and Urban Development reached an agreement and signed a long-term exclusive brokerage mandate for the upcoming Krtsanisi Residence development project spread over 26,000 square meters in the Krtsanisi Residential Area. The address was ...
Companies like Krtsanisi Residence and Simetria will be presented at the exhibition. In an interview with GEORGIA TODAY, one of the representatives of Krtsanisi Residence mentioned that for the real estate company, the Expo provides “a very interesting platform.” “Area Expo 2018 offers a great ...


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