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updated Sat. January 14, 2023

has closed the Paktia-Parachinar trade route, leaving dozens of trucks stranded on both sides of the border. The crossing point was closed three days ago after Afghan forces conducted an operation in Dand-i-Patan district. Abdul Naseer Alamyar, head of Paktia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said ...

Clashes erupted between Afghan border forces and Pakistani military in Khost and neighboring Paktia provinces earlier this week. At Wednesday's meeting, which was held in Dand-e-Patan district in Paktia, Afghan officials said Pakistani authorities admitted that they have built “structures” on Afghanistan's ...
Speaking at a joint press conference with Pakistani military officials in Dand-e-Ptan district, in Paktia, which is close to Zazi Maidan district in eastern Khost province, the officials said the Afghan people will not tolerate hostile action by Pakistan's military against their country. This comes after delegations from both sides met ...
Heavy clashes broke out early Monday morning between Afghan and Pakistani security forces in eastern Paktia province, local security officials confirmed. The clashes started in Dand-e-Patan district of the province and both sides are using heavy weapons, officials said. “The clashes started after the Afghan and foreign ...
“Taliban claims that they have Zurmat district under their control. They should come and participate in the election and have nominees for parliamentary and district council elections,” said Katawazai. Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials in Paktia meanwhile said they will open 22 registration ...
“Our information shows that these madrassas are not registered in government therefore we have assigned a team which will travel to all districts and visit ... has registered madrassas in every district therefore youths are urged not to travel abroad for religious studies,” said Abdul Malik Zazai, head of Paktia ...
“Zurmat is one of the insecure districts. When farmers in this district cultivate saffron instead of drugs, then government should support them,” economic analyst Ehsanullah Zadran said. Last year 10,6 tons of saffron was harvested in the country. A number of saffron cultivators and traders said government ...
We want to bring together these three parts in order to become united,” said Ehsanullah Ehsan, a resident of Paktia. This comes after a new sit-in camp was established in Helmand province – this time in Gereshk district – on Thursday, as momentum continues to gather around the peace campaign.
Abdul Rashid Osmani Zurmat district education director said that negotiations with Taliban started months back but so far these did not have any positive results. Paktia education officials say that closing schools, and the lack of buildings for many schools, has discouraged students from going to school.
Paktia officials meanwhile assured the IEC and the people to ensure the safety of voter registration centers. “We are fully prepared to launch military operation if we find that people cannot register their names due to security issues (in Paktia districts),” PaktiaGovernor Shamim Khan Katawazai said.


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