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updated Mon. April 15, 2024

Despite a ceasefire agreement being in force between the Chin National Army and the Myanmar state, the conflict between the AA and the Myanmar Army has resulted in over 1600 refugees fleeing the violence and entering Mizoram's Lawngtlai district, as reported by the Mizoram Post on the 4th of ...

Over a dinner of rice, chicken curry, a salty, vinegar soup and Myanmar Beer, the head of an international development agency working in Chin State says he has recently spoken with the head of the separatist Chin National Army (CNA). Right now, he says, the CNA is reconsidering a ceasefire agreement ...
She recalled a time when members of the resistance army, Chin National Army, came to her house looking for food. Sang fed them, making him an enemy of the state. Soon after, the Myanmar Army came to their door and demanded to know why he had supported the Chin National Army. Ku feared for ...
We came up with a report called “Unsafe State” released in 2007, which documented human rights abuses by the Chin National Army [armed wing of the Chin National Front] and the Tatmadaw. One thing that always came up was religious oppression. Then I started doing international human rights ...
Another factor in the politics of Chin State is the role played by the Chin National Front and members of its armed wing, the Chin National Army. Senior members of Chin parties told Frontier on condition of anonymity that talks were taking place with the CNF because it can influence the selection of election ...
Prominent among these are the Chin National Front/Chin National Army (CNF/CNA) and Chin Liberation Army (CLA). On the Indian side, when genocidal aggression against local Kuki populations increased during the 1990s, this led to a renewal of insurgency movements among Kukis, who felt betrayed ...
Since taking office in 2011 after decades of iron-fisted military rule, Myanmar's quasi-civilian government has faced the challenge of opening up a country long closed to the outside world and delivering on the promise of domestic reform. But it faces major security obstacles, too, in the long-running ethnic ...
Kio said the soldiers who marched into Chawn Cum were seeking Chin fighters — perhaps members of the Chin National Army. Finding none, the soldiers departed. And this is when Kio's life started on a path that would lead to Pittsburgh. The soldiers ordered Kio to carry a bag of their military supplies.


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